What You Can Do to Ease Your Dog’s Anxiety

Dogs are amazing animals that many people love to keep as pets. As with humans, dogs have a wide range of personalities and character traits. Sometimes dogs suffer from similar ailments as well. Anxiety doesn’t do good things for humans or dogs. If you have an anxious dog, there are some things you can do to help ease their anxiety.

Let Them Exercise

Humans and dogs alike need exercise to stay healthy. In addition to multiple health benefits, regular exercise can also help dogs deal with anxiety. Anxiety can produce energy that dogs need to burn off, so let Fido run around for a while. Go to a dog park, take your dog on a walk, play fetch, or just run around in the backyard and play. This will help tire out your dog and produce endorphins that will help your dog feel better. You both will reap the benefits of time spent exercising together.

Try Alternative Therapies

There are medications that are available for dogs who deal with anxiety. If the idea of medicating your dog doesn’t appeal to you, you might consider trying alternative therapies. Studies have shown that CBD is safe for dogs. It works by interacting with your dog’s nervous system and boosting their ability to produce serotonin. This can help stabilize their mood and reduce anxiety. Herbs such as chamomile, St. John’s wort, and valerian that are turned into capsules, tinctures, or teas may be beneficial. Essential oils are another popular alternative remedy.

Touching Them

Dogs crave contact from their owners. Touching them in comforting ways can be a good way to help easy the anxiety they are experiencing. Petting your dog, cuddling with them, or holding them may be helpful ways to touch them and let them know they are safe. You might even try giving your dog a massage to help them relax. Whatever you choose to do, make sure your dog is going to be receptive to your efforts before going in. If they need space, give it to them.

Good dog owners will take measures to help their dogs be as healthy and happy as possible, which may mean finding ways to reduce their anxiety. Letting them get the exercise they need, trying alternative therapies, and touching them in comforting ways are just three methods you can use to try to easy their anxiety. As the owner, trust that you know your dog and select methods they will be most likely to respond positively to.

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