What You Need to Know Before Making an Insurance Claim

Car accidents can be very serious, whether you’re involved just in a small fender bender or an all-out crash. Being prepared before making an insurance claim can really lessen the negative effects so that you or your parents are not also paying so much for damages and any resulting injuries. To make sure you get a good settlement from your insurance company, follow these three steps!

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Determine the Extent of the Damage

According to Limerick Auto Body, after an accident, you’ll want to immediately pull over, put on your hazard lights if necessary, and check for damages. What damage has occurred to your car will greatly determine whether it’s worth making a claim. It’s a good idea to take pictures of what you find for both cars, so you have a record in case the other driver ends up telling a different story about what happened. It’s also essential to call 911 if anyone is injured. If there is damage but no injuries, you’d still be smart to call the police department so that a police report is filed.

Make Sure You Collect Evidence

Once you’ve done the immediate things, you’ll still want to do a few things before contacting your insurance company. According to Rogers Beltran, insurance companies would prefer to drag out your case and pay you little. Having detailed records of what happened really makes a big difference. Get the police report filed, gather the pictures you took, and obtain any medical information if you go to the hospital so that you have a strong case proving the damage and pains you deserve compensation for.

Get Your Injuries Checked

In the moment, it can be hard to tell, but even something like a fender bender can result in whiplash and back problems later on. Don’t play tough if you feel aches or bruises—get them checked out, and as soon as you can after the accident. You don’t want to end up having medical bills your insurance company refuses to pay because it was too late. According to Powers & Santola, you also certainly don’t want to compromise your future health by not getting injuries checked early on.

All it takes is forgetting to check your blind spot one time, and suddenly you have a whole mess to deal with. To avoid the pitfalls that can occur after a car accident, however, make sure you’re covering your bases and are prepared before sending in an insurance claim. It’ll definitely affect how much you or your parents end up paying!

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