Why The Ukulele Is Popular Among Gen Z

When you hear about ukuleles it is almost impossible not to instantly think about a happy or uplifting tune coming from this fun instrument. The sound of this instrument is very unique compared to other string instruments.

The ukulele has been around since the 19th century and it has had its moments in music history with popular songs like Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. But what might surprise you is just how popular the ukuleles are becoming among Generation Z (Gen Z). 

If you are wondering exactly why this special instrument is currently becoming one of the most popular chosen instruments to the up and coming generation. We have all the answers for you, here is everything you need to know about Gen Z’s and the ukuleles. 

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6 Reasons Why the Ukulele is Popular Among Gen Z

  1. Easy to learn 

The ukulele is an easy instrument to learn, it takes approximately 6 months for someone to learn how to play this instrument with ease. Ukuleles are quite small in size and nylon strings are soft. This means that you do not need a lot of physical effort to learn how to play the ukulele, unlike other string instruments like guitars. 

With that in mind, a well-known characteristic of Gen Z’s is that they are technologically savvy. So in true Gen-Z fashion, they will easily be able to learn how to play this instrument by simply watching a few YouTube videos giving them a new hobby. 

  1. Affordable

What makes the ukulele a popular instrument, in general, is that this instrument is relatively affordable. There is a wide range of ukulele brands to choose from which start from pretty low prices to suit different types of budgets.

One of the important characteristics of Gen Z’s is that they are financially responsible. This might be just one of the reasons why this has become such a popular instrument among this generation because of how much more affordable it is compared to other instruments.

  1. A variety of sizes 

What is great about the ukulele is something that may surprise a few people is just how diverse this instrument is. The ukulele is available in a variety of sizes and there are 10 different types of ukuleles this includes:

  • Soprano ukulele
  • Electric ukulele
  • Tenor ukulele
  • Baritone ukulele
  • Concert ukulele
  • Sopranino ukulele
  • Banjo ukulele
  • Bass ukulele
  • Guitar ukulele
  • Pineapple ukulele

This gives Gen Z’s a wide range of ukuleles to choose from and even have a choice to select the type of ukulele that suits their personality. Having different types of ukuleles is also great because after Gen Z has mastered how to play one of the ukulele types. They may move on to another one because this generation does enjoy challenging themselves. 

  1. Portable

Another great feature of the ukulele, in general, is the portability of this instrument. You can carry this instrument almost anywhere that you plan on going with minimal effort. Unlike if you played the cello which would be much harder to carry around. 

The reason why Gen Z’s may like this factor about the ukulele is that they are always on the move and they can easily carry this instrument around if they ever wanted to. Another characteristic of Gen Z’s is that they enjoy social groups, so if they wanted to carry this instrument to a friends house they easily could. 

  1. Mental Health Benefits

One of the most important reasons why the ukulele may have become so popular among Gen Z’s is because of the wide range of mental health benefits playing this instrument offers. According to multiple studies, Gen Z is the generation that suffers most from mental health issues. Playing the ukulele is therapeutic and can be very helpful especially for people who deal with stress and anxiety. 

  1. Inspired by their favourite artists

Many popular musicians play the ukulele which may have also inspired the Gen Z’s who are fans of these musicians to learn how to play this instrument. A few musicians who play the ukulele include Taylor Swift, Billie Elish, and Olivia Rodrigo. 

Final Thoughts on the ukulele Becoming Popular Among Gen Z’s

While the ukulele has definitely become quite popular around Gen Z’s this should not stop the other generations from joining. Whether you simply want to pick up a new hobby and learn how to play this delightfully easy instrument, or you want to play it for therapeutic reasons. Don’t wait any longer and get your hands on the type of ukuleles that suits you sooner rather than later.

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