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Why You Should Join Your School’s Debate Team

Joining the debate team at your school can be a great way to gain new skills, prepare for college, and boost your confidence. 

Here are a few of the reasons why joining the debate team is beneficial and how it can benefit you in life. 

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Gain New Skills 

Joining the debate team gives you an excellent opportunity to learn valuable skills that you can use in many different areas of life. 

Debate teams teach students how to think critically, research thoroughly, and express themselves clearly and persuasively. These are all important skills that will come in handy in any future field of work. If you are considering a career in criminal law, then having experience on a debate team is a major benefit.

Adding it to Your College Application 

Your participation on the debate team can also help build up your resume when applying for college. Colleges love to see students who have taken initiative and participated in extracurricular activities like debates. 

Being part of the debate team demonstrates that you are willing to take risks, expand your knowledge base and challenge yourself which is what colleges look for when selecting students. It also shows that you can communicate effectively by expressing yourself clearly while engaging with others on important topics. If you dream of becoming a lawyer, you’ll need to learn how to argue aggressively. Debate team participation can be a sign that you know how to argue

Increase Confidence 

Debate teams are a great way to hone in on your public speaking skills and challenge yourself in a creative environment. Joining your school’s debate team is an invaluable experience to increase self-confidence, especially when it comes to speaking publicly. As you learn more strategies and techniques to make a convincing argument, your confidence will also increase. Engaging in collaborative group discussions allows you to boost not only your communication skills but also your confidence. Plus, if you expand your knowledge base with facts and evidence through research, there’ll be no stopping you! Join your school’s debate team and enjoy the amazing benefits that come with increased confidence.

Participating on a school’s debate team offers numerous benefits both inside and outside of school! Not only does it allow you to gain new skills such as critical thinking and persuasive communication, but it also looks great on a college application since it shows initiative and dedication. Ultimately, joining your school’s debate team is an excellent choice for anyone looking for ways to improve their communication and problem-solving skills!

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