Why You Should Join Your School’s Swim Team

There are dozens of different clubs, intramurals, sports teams, and groups that you can join at your school. These different extracurricular groups help you to develop friendships, explore hobbies and interests, and have fun with new friends. But if you aren’t sure what kind of club, team, or group you want to join, it can feel awfully confusing and scary to have to choose. If your school has a swim team, you should seriously consider joining. Here are three great reasons that you should join your school’s swim team, especially if you aren’t sure what extracurricular to join.

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Improve Personal Development

The first reason that you should join your school’s swim team is to improve your personal development. Being a part of a sports team, particularly an individual sport like swimming can be, you have to take responsibility for yourself. Your performance alone is what is responsible for your positioning and results, so you have to work on your own development. This lesson translates out of the water to real life in additional personal responsibility and maturity. Lessons like these about responsibility and plenty of others are taught on the swim team to help you grow into the best version of you possible.

Learn New Techniques

The next reason that you should join your school’s swim team is to learn new techniques for swimming. If you like swimming but have never been a part of a swim team before, then your swimming technique will get a major boost when you join. For instance, you can learn better ways to manage your drag in the water. Letting your hips sink can increase your drag and slow you down. You can also learn the many different specific strokes and how to make those as fast as possible, giving you additional speed and agility in the water.

Have Fun

The final reason that you should join your school’s swim team is because it is a fun time. At the end of the day, if you aren’t having fun with what you’re doing then it probably isn’t worth it. Your extracurriculars are supposed to be a good time. Swim team is one of the most fun and interesting of the extracurriculars offered through schools. Who doesn’t love swimming with friends?

Extracurriculars are an essential part of the teenage experience. But if you don’t know what extracurricular to join, it can be terrifying. Consider these three reasons that you should join your school’s swim team and consider joining today.

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