Wise Beyond Your Years: 3 Signs Your an Old Soul

teen old soul

An old soul is a young person who is perceptive beyond their years. This may manifest as nostalgia when hearing old music, a sense of wisdom, or otherwise may not fit in with others their age. 

The nursery rhyme, “Old King Cole,” may be the first time the term “old soul” was recorded in history. However, the jury is still out on how the “old soul” from that rhyme connects to the phrase as we use it now. Regardless, it is often taken as a compliment to be regarded as an old soul. 

If you suspect you have an old soul, check if you identify with the three signs below. 

1. You Are Drawn to the Past

One of the most obvious signs of an old soul is an inexplicable connection to the past.

No matter how young you are, you may feel drawn to old movies, old music, or other old artifacts. Some old souls may even feel a sense of nostalgia as if they remember experiencing these things. You can read more here to see how you relate to old productions like the Sound of Music. 

You may also feel connected to historical moments, places, or items. It may feel like you had a past life connected to these things. This is why many old souls have a highly developed spiritual side that helps them explain these feelings. 

Spirituality helps old souls keep life in perspective. They know the universe is much bigger than them and how to not sweat the small stuff. This is where the sense of wisdom comes from. 

2. You Practice Self-Reflection

Self-reflection is a difficult, solitary practice. Some people never spend any time on it, and they never truly grow. An old soul, however, has an innate talent for it. 

Due to the spirituality and wisdom, an old soul knows the importance of self-reflection. They do not mind carving out plenty of time alone to do it, even at the expense of more pleasurable and gratifying pursuits. 

An old soul understands the importance of humility and taking responsibility in their life. They understand this is the only real way to progress. 

3. You Are Not Materialistic

An old soul is not impressed by the temporary gratification of possessions. They know that long after objects disappear, experiences remain. The emotional and spiritual connections an old soul has are far deeper than any connection to an object. 

Instead, the only material items that hold importance are the tools that help you understand your inner and outer world. 

More Signs of an Old Soul

Of course, there are far more than three signs that indicate you may have an old soul — but anyone with an old soul already knows that.

An old soul may feel more isolated because they don’t quite fit in, but they’re also more emotionally connected. They are very introspective and others may find them to be too serious. However, society needs old souls to guide them.

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