YouTuber Sasha Anne shines with new Sugar & Spice collection – Interview

Sasha Anne is an inspirational self-taught makeup artist, influencer, beauty entrepreneur, award winning beauty YouTuber (with almost 1.5 million views), fashion influencer, blogger, and singer.

She overcame shyness as a child to transform herself into a makeup artist and to debut her first limited-edition line of mini lip glosses when she was just 18 years old. Now at 21, she is broadening her range with a limited edition nail polish colection called Sugar & Spice.

“The shimmer and glimmer of costumes and cosmetics brought me a sense of empowerment I had never known, and I share that shine with everyone. With my new Sugar & Spice nail colors, you can transform from sweet to sassy with the stroke of a nail brush,” says Sasha Anne.

Let’s find out more about this creative fashionista and social influencer, who inspires others to find their own place in the spotlight, in our exclusive interview!


Hello Sasha, nice to catch up! Before we talk about your new nail collection and other exciting stuff, please tell us how Covid-19 has affected you and how you have spent the time during quarantine?

COVID has brought me closer to people, even virtually. I have had more time to get in contact with people I haven’t spoken to in a while and it’s nice to catch up. I have also been able to think about life and appreciate it more.

During COVID, I spent most of it creating my limited edition Sugar & Spice nail collection with my team. I have also been able/have time to write songs for an album. Since I’m stuck inside all day, it’s very therapeutic to write. Music also helps distract me from what I’m going through (the cancer).

Great! Now, tell us about Sugar & Spice and what inspired the line?

Sugar & Spice is a limited edition nail collection that I worked on all of summer and most of COVID. My inspiration behind the line was definitely COVID and how everyone is now talking virtually. I realized during COVID how much we use and talk with our hands and how much they represent who we are — especially now that half of our faces are behind masks.

With the Sugar & Spice nail colors, you can transform from sweet to sassy with the stroke of a nail brush.


What sets it apart from other products?

Sugar & Spice is unique because of how fast it dries. I finish my first hand and after I’m done with my pinky finger, I touch my other nails on that hand, and it’s completely dry not to mention shiny (make sure to finish with a top coat)! Also, I notice with other polishes, the color of the bottle is different than the actual polish itself. With mine, it’s exactly how it looks! Neon Candy pink and Cinnamon Red! The polish also does not chip and lasts 3 weeks.

My mom said “I have not worn a red polish in 25 years. When I did, it always chipped that same day. With the “Spice” shade, it’s the first time my polish has not chipped.” Sugar & Spice is also Cruelty-free, Toluene-free, Formaldehyde-free, Vegan and Phthalates-free.

Where can people get it?

You can get it on my website (comes right up at the front) or on my Instagram page, under my bio, there is a link.

Which other influencer’s videos most helped you learn how to do makeup and inspire you to become a beauty entrepreneur?

Jaclyn Hill. She is amazing at makeup, knows what she is talking about and I trust her opinion with products. Her videos also make me laugh. Her side comments are so funny.

Since I follow you on Instagram, I have seen bits and pieces about your fight against cancer (lymphoma). Can you please walk us through the journey from when you first realized something was wrong until your present day treatment?

I just knew something was happening that didn’t seem right but I didn’t know what. I take voice lessons and I love to dance especially making TikToks and I started to notice that I had shortness of breath while dancing. I honestly thought it was just dusty in my room so I kept vacuuming but that didn’t help. When I would sing, I had to sit down because I got so tired. One night, I was in bed watching the show, Jessie on Disney+ and I touched my neck. I felt a bump on my collarbone. So I went to my mom at like midnight and she said she would take me to the doctor in the morning. That’s when the appointments started.

What’s been the hardest part about it?

The hardest part is when I get the anti-nausea medication. It hits me so hard. I smell it, taste it and feel it all over my body. Also that week of the treatment is hard. Not being able to walk down the stairs some days and being so weak and nauseous. But I have an amazing nurse. She is so sweet and does the infusion slowly so I don’t get it as bad.

And if there is a silver lining, what would you say it is?

I am so lucky that it was Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer. One of the most treatable cancers out there. And I have the best doctor. I am also lucky because I was diagnosed during the perfect time where everyone, not just me, is in lockdown. I could not see anyone for 6 months. But thank goodness for phones/technology because I was able to keep in contact with my friends and family. I also have great wigs!


What is your single proudest accomplishment so far as an influencer/entrepreneur?

When I won the Audience Honor Award for Best in Beauty in the Shorty Awards back in 2018. It was for empowering young women. That’s when I really realized I have a voice and I’m so happy to have a big enough platform for my voice to be heard in the best way and to empower and inspire my followers.

I never thought I would have that. Back when I was in middle school I was so shy and bullied because I had trouble expressing myself. I’m dyslexic so I had trouble speaking and getting the right words out. I’m happy I was able to overcome that shyness. Now that I think about it, middle school was worse than cancer.

And what has been the toughest part about running your own business?

Before I had a team, it was finding the right team and the people I can trust who know what they’re doing. I have no idea how to get a press release out on the web. A press release is so important in a business.

My team helps me with the overview of the business and everything else I had to do by myself in the past. So thank you to my team for helping me with that.

Has there ever been a really difficult moment, like one where you wanted to quit and just “get a normal job?” If so what helped you overcome it.

Absolutely not. I love what I do and always have. I was born to brainstorm about products and I was born to post and create makeup looks/transformations. I love the industry I’m in. Yes, it does get overwhelming with all the talent but that is the type of industry I’m in. It’s competitive but also so much fun and I love a challenge sometimes.

What are your eventual career goals?

Right now I’m focused on getting my product out there and aside from that, I’m working on my amazing album. I hope that this album will be successful. But, I do want to be a makeup artist for television, film or Broadway. It’s so fun to play with makeup.

What is your all-time ONE FAVORITE beauty hack or secret?

This is a skincare tip. Never trust just a makeup wipe when you take off your makeup before bed. In fact, I don’t use a makeup wipe for my face. Only on my eyes. I use the Neutrogena Foaming face wash. The reason is, a makeup wipe puts the makeup back into your pores whereas a face wash, scrubs it off.

Tell me something you personally REFUSE to eat and why?

I refuse to eat steak, hamburgers and seafood. First, steak is bad for the heart and it’s just so meaty and thick. With hamburgers, I never liked the texture of the meat.

You are now 21. What are you most glad is OVER and DONE with from your teen years? : )

Oh! Most definitely high school tests and homework. I’m almost finished with college, so soon I can also say college tests and essays. I guess a side relief would also be learning how to drive and worrying about passing my test. Although, the driving videos were fun and funny.


Dream collab?

For YouTube, either James Charles, Jaclyn Hill or Manny MUA. For working on a product launch, it would be so cool to collaborate with Kylie Jenner for her Kylie Cosmetics. I have always loved her cute and fun packaging. It would be awesome to sit at her office table and think of adorable packaging and a cool collection. Have you seen her Grinch collection?! So dope! Hopefully in the future! Kylie, hit me up!

Secret celebrity crush?

Ross Lynch and still Justin Bieber but from the “Never Say Never” era.

Biggest pet peeve?

When someone promises they will get back to me and they don’t. So I remind them but I get no reply for a few days or 2 weeks.

Secret fear?

Death. Especially during this time. But I don’t think that’s surprising.

The one thing I cannot live without is…

…my phone. I constantly check my emails. Also my dog, Chloe.

Most embarrassing moment IRL you wish you could do over?

Oh there’s so many! Probably those few times where I texted the wrong person about something personal. Now that I think about it, it’s kind of funny.

Tell me something people would be surprised to know about you?

I overthink about so much! Even the smallest message. And I get obsessive compulsive sometimes like I need something done immediately or I can’t stop thinking about it until it’s done. I’m also very impulsive but I’m working on it.


What else are you working on or have coming up next?

I’m focusing right now on getting my Sugar & Spice nail collection out there. It’s perfect for the holidays too. They would make great stocking stuffers and it’s small enough to put in one. I don’t celebrate Christmas but I can imagine how cute the purse packaging would look hanging on a tree. I’m also working on my holiday YouTube videos. Planning some really cool makeup transformations.

I am also working on a 12 song album for hopefully 2021. I’m so excited and I really believe that my followers will love it. I’m working with the amazing and talented Trey Vittetoe who has worked with many amazing artists such as Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, Drew Lanester, and the duo Krysta Youngs and Julia Ross. I can say that the vibes of these songs are very 2007-2010. Some give me pop star Barbie vibes and some give me pop/rock vibes. I don’t think I have ever thought of more “me” songs before. Most are about my life and others are just about having a good time.

Could we get a selfie of whatever you are doing at the moment? It’s something we ask to keep it real for the fans!

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