11 Collection Hobbies You Can Pursue 

Collecting things is a popular hobby. Stamp collecting and collecting coins are fairly well-known hobbies. But there are many other things you can collect as well. Collecting things is a great hobby. It helps you learn something new. It also offers mental health benefits. 

If you are thinking of taking up collecting things as a hobby, our guide will help you. Read on to know some of the different things you can collect as a hobby.

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11 Best Collection Hobbies

1) Stamp collection

The most common collection hobby is collecting stamps. There are more than 60 million people in the world who collect stamps (they are known as philatelists). Whether you collect postmarked stamps or new ones, stamp collection is an interesting hobby. People don’t use postal services like before. So, it is all the more challenging to collect stamps. It is an interesting and challenging hobby to pursue.

2) Coin collection

Each coin you collect has a story to tell. It reveals something about the country, its rulers, its history, and other facts. Coin collectors are called numismatists. They look for rare coins to add to their collection. You can start small and then once you develop interest, you can start looking for rare coins. You must know – if you find a rare coin it can fetch you big money.

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3) Baseball cards

Collecting baseball cards is a great hobby for people who love the game. Collecting baseball cards is not only fun but can be lucrative. Rare baseball cards are sold for millions of dollars. It is a hobby that many adults pursue with gusto.

4) Comic books

Kids of today’s generation prefer to watch anime and movies. But older generations read comic books and enjoyed them. Comic collection has become a popular hobby. It is great fun since you can spend an enjoyable time reading the comics. Comic collections are as valuable as stamps. If you find classic and old comics, you can earn a lot of money from them.

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5) Vinyl records

Even before the cassette recorder, there was the gramophone. People listened to music through vinyl records. Collecting vinyl records was a great hobby. It is still a popular hobby. You can find vinyl records in different places. Build up a great collection. Who knows, you may find a rare vinyl that can fetch you good money.

6) Watches

Collecting watches and clocks is another hobby people love. Watches and clocks come in different types. These timepieces include many antique ones that are rare to find. Building such a collection can be challenging and valuable too. 

7) Miniature cars

It is not just kids who love miniature cars, but adults too. Collecting miniature cars is a fun hobby. You can find miniature cars of all the top models in the world. If you spend some time and effort, you can even find miniature antique cars. This is a collection you will love to display in a glass case.

8) Antique furniture

If you have money to spend, then consider collecting antique furniture. Old furniture made more than a hundred years ago is considered antique. If you want to buy from shops, you need to shell out a lot of money. Instead, visit garage sales or online stores where you can find them at bargain prices. You can even restore these furniture pieces and sell them in the market.

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9) Books

Reading books is a great hobby. Not only is it entertaining, but it also enriches you. Buying books is easy, you will find them in many places. Don’t bother buying from the top bookstores. Instead, look for books being sold at garage sales or online. You may be able to find rare books. You can either buy books or any type or build a collection of a specific genre. It is a hobby you will enjoy. On a rainy day, you have the option to pull out any book and spend quality time reading.

10) CDs and DVDs

Before streaming became popular, people would listen to music and watch videos on CDs/DVDs. Old CDs and DVDs are great things to collect. You can listen to music or watch movies when you are free. It is a great collectible item that people would love to borrow from you. 

11) Vintage movie posters

Posters of movies from the yesteryears are a great collectible item. It is not easy to find these posters, and you need to put in some effort. The time and effort spent will be worthwhile. You can either display the posters you collect or store them in files. 

With so many ideas at hand, you can get started with your collecting hobby today!

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