3 Awesome Careers for Bookworms

You love books. This isn’t going to change! Besides writing them, though, or working in library science (both nice jobs), what other careers support your passion for reading? Sadly, besides a few authors who write for the big five publishers, being able to be financially self-supporting as an author is very rare. However, there are lots of other options to support your reading (or writing) habit.

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Book Designer

You might be surprised to find that this is a career, but if you’ve ever read a poorly designed and edited book from a self-publisher, you already know why having an eye for design is critical to excellent reading. A book designer is in charge of both the interior and exterior design of a book, the way the cover looks and images which are used, and the layout. This career salary varies widely, but national averages are roughly $30,000, or about $25/hour. This a great option if you have an artistic eye, and are excellent at seeing differences in small details.


Someone particularly passionate about books might consider a career in book sales. This can include both large bookstores and small independent stores, with widely varying offerings. While it doesn’t make a massive salary, with the median income being roughly $22,000 annually in the US, this can be a rewarding career for those who love books passionately. Technology is making things easier than ever for book retailers—from ordering books to offering unparalleled customer service.

Book Reviewer

For those who truly love to read and find their talent is to read quickly and well, becoming a book reviewer might be a great goal. The national average for book reviewers is a bit higher than the others, with the average coming in at a little over $65,000 annually, higher than $30/hr. The great thing about this option is that your job is to create a niche portfolio for yourself of unpaid reviews in your favorite genres. It isn’t easy to read things quickly and retain all of the information needed for reviews, but if you love to read, this might be a great option.

Dust off those book-report writing skills! To work in the book business, your ability to write is almost as important as your ability to read! Whether in sales, publishing, design, editing, or reviews, having books become your career as well as your passion is wonderful!

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