3 Coding Languages You Should Learn First

Learning to code is a great skill that can give you the tools to succeed in many industries. There are tons of coding languages that are pretty easy to learn and can make you more employable. Choosing where to start with your coding languages can be a difficult decision, but these three languages are great places to begin.


Java is a great coding language to learn because it was designed to be easy to pick up and use. Another great thing about Java is that it lets you save bits of code that you can reuse in other projects.

Java is also great because it easily moves from platform to platform. Whether you’re using a Mac or PC your Java code will transfer well from place to place. The ease and flexibility of Java makes it a big coding language for coders around the world.


One of the biggest benefits of learning Python is that it is one of the easiest coding languages to read, even if you aren’t confident with coding. Python can be used as a web development framework in addition to app building. Python is a great tool for web development and can help you create a website or app that makes sense for your needs, whatever they may be.

Because Python is open source, there is a lot of support for coding using this language. And the constant use by community members means that Python is always getting better. If you get good at using Python yourself, you can help make positive changes that make the language work even better.


If you’re looking for a really easy way to get into coding, Scratch 3.0 can be a great tool to help you learn to code in a simple way. Scratch was actually designed with young coders in mind, and it makes coding simple and fun. Another great thing about Scratch is that all projects created with Scratch are stored on the Scratch platform. That means you can access tons of great projects by other young coders and be part of a community of coders that is supportive and educational.

Learning to code as a teen can set you up for a productive future while also giving you skills to impress your friends and be creative. When you master coding languages you increase your skills and help yourself today and in the future.

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