5 Fast Facts about Scarlett Bella Song & Come Together Global Teen Rock Music Festival

13-year-old South Korean social media star, dancer and fashion designer Scarlett Bella Song will perform at the Come Together: Global Teen Rock Music Festival coming June 18-20 in NYC to raise money for Ukraine and homeless youth in NYC. 

As covered by The New York Times, NBC News, Fox News and New York 1 in past years, the teen music festival organized by Kids Rock for Kids works to raise money for kids domestically and abroad. Scarlett and her partner mark the first and only dance performers at the rock festival, performing at two indoor venues in NYC.

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about the event and Scarlett!

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The event features a lot of entertainment for a good cause.

My involvement with the Come Together Event in NYC first began when Kids Rock For Kids (KRFK) and I connected on social media. KRFK is a not-for-profit organization that raises money for children in dire need by hosting teen rock concerts and donating proceeds to charitable organizations.

KRFK invited me to audition via online video submission for the opportunity to perform at their most prominent event to date: Come Together Global Teen Rock Music Festival.

I was deeply honored when KRFK ultimately selected me and my dance partner Brooklyn Van Ausdall to become the ONLY dance act to perform. In addition to our dance act, internationally acclaimed pop band, Laundry Day (of Warner Records), will headline two nights of the festival as they come off their massive Spring tour. The Come Together festival will also feature teen rock bands and musicians from Spain, the UK, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Indonesia, Australia, and across the U.S.

What can attendees expect? In the words of KRFK co-founder Lisa Schorr: “We are so excited for this, and we welcome all families to come out and watch these off-the-chart talented teens perform. We’ve curated a line-up of the best teen talent on the planet, and they’re going to be performing at some of the coolest venues across New York City. Our mission has always been local and global. All the money we raise this year will go to homeless children in New York City and children suffering in Ukraine.”

For a rocking good time (in support of children charities), please join us at two indoor NYC venues, Roulette and The Bell House, for projected sold-out shows. You may purchase your tickets at: : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/332214371127 and https://www.eventbrite.com/e/333883553697

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Scarlett loves working with charities.

I am very excited about so many aspects of Come Together. In particular, I am excited that the three-day extravaganza is a fundraiser to raise money for kids in need in Ukraine and homeless children in NYC. Throughout my life, I have danced to make a difference and raise money for children’s charities. When I was eight years old, I began partnering with the Washington Commanders Charitable Foundation. Over time, I performed in a series of shows with their NFL cheerleaders to raise money in support of children’s health, wellness and education. So, I am continuing my philanthropic mission in my partnership with KRFK.

It is an honor and privilege to participate in the Come Together line-up with such accomplished and inspiring global teen talent. It will be thrilling to connect with teen musicians from across the world who leverage their talent to give back and make an impact in the world.

She’ll be dancing with a partner.

My dance partner Brooklyn and I will choreograph original pieces to perform during the live shows. As the sole dance act in the festival, we will perform hip hop dances interspersed between rock bands. In the line-up, we will perform a dance before a new band performs to help shift the energy and hype the crowd.

To prepare for our performances, Brooklyn and are selecting our music, choreographing dances, and designing costumes. Over the next few weeks, we will finalize our pieces, rehearse, and eagerly await Come Together!

She has some good ideas about helping the homeless.

The homeless crisis demands our immediate attention, compassion, and commitment for resolution. To begin, I suggest we do the following with respect to homelessness: (1) challenge our assumptions (2) de-stigmatize people in need of homes and (3) dispel stereotypes. To do so, we must educate ourselves on the complex underlying socioeconomic factors contributing to homelessness.

For homeless families with children, homelessness may be a totally unexpected experience triggered by a sudden destabilizing event (like job loss, medical bills, death of a sole financial provider, domestic violence, eviction, natural catastrophe, etc). For example, I personally know a family who sadly lost their home in a tornado in my community. The tornado leveled their house and destroyed all of their belongings — leaving them without a home. Sadly, I also personally know families in my community who lost their homes last winter due to flooding when pipes froze and burst.

In my opinion, the first part of a complex and multi-prong solution would be to alleviate immediate suffering by providing affordable housing to people in dire need. (This can take the form of free and/or subsidized housing.) However, while this is an essential first step to provide immediate care and safety, it is just the beginning.

In addition to housing, we must also provide people with support services, jobs, healthcare, free education, and mental health support in order to help people stabilize, thrive and become more independent and self-sustaining.

Like the event, her jewelry collection is designed to support teens.

My biggest project this year was my collaboration with Annie & Sisters to create an original inspirational message teen fashion jewelry collection called Annie X Scarlett.

The mission behind the Annie X Scarlett Collection is to spread messages of kindness, empowerment, collaboration, self-love and sisterhood throughout the teen community. Annie and I designed these pieces with a strong sense of purpose to unite and uplift teens. Essentially, the jewelry is a physical manifestation of the loving energy that we wish to send out into the world.

Each of the 15 pieces in the Annie X Scarlett collection is infused with meaning. The entire collection is intended to unite teens in an inclusive community where we support each other and teen mental health.


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