5 NEW Fast Facts about Austin Sowell

I am a 16 year old YouTuber/influencer and content creator who loves to try new things within the entertainment industry and entrepreneurship. After the past year with changes in the social media game and me heading back to school in person I got distracted and lost my focus on that but now I am back. I have taken time off from posting but never stopped learning how to grow my brand.

Over the past 6 months while being back to in-person school I learned how to create and maintain my own merchandise brand with local entrepreneur and Mentor Jason Hardin while also appearing on his podcast “Life of a Boss the podcast.” I also appeared in an upcoming independent climate change documentary which I will soon be able to discuss more about. 

Here’s 5 new facts about Austin Sowell!

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He’s launching a Vlog Fest this summer for creators.

My Summer Vlog Fest is a creator-led event I created to take place this summer until the end of August with many different creators who want to make videos about themselves and allow other creators to be featured in each other’s videos. Especially during well-known social media events like Vidcon where everyone will try their best to create weekly vlogs to add to their very own playlist of videos which we can all look back at during the end of summer.

The main goal is to have fun and create/collaborate with many different creators and step out of your comfort zone to try different things that maybe other creators are better at than you. A very important factor in collaborating with creators that also create different content than you: people will realize how much audiences have in common. My goal is to work with creators that film similar and different categories to reach new audiences and be able to interact again with my new audience.  

He’s got a new merch brand too!

My new merch brand is very special to me. It will combine many of my ideas from when I first started YouTube all the way up to the last five months of me returning back to school and will feature a lot of different logos I came up with symbolizing different hardships in my life and others including through the pandemic. Anyone will be able to get it through my website launching on my birthday week in June. June 18th is my birthday and I thought it would be special to start it then because summer is always the hardest working time of the year for me. 

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The content/influencer game has changed and he’s evolving with it.

The industry has had major changes since I started. When I first started vlogging was just becoming a major source of income on YouTube and also a major category which I started to follow. In today’s world most of the content that goes viral is short term videos or shorts content like what we view on Tik Tok and YouTube shorts — also videos implemented through Instagram Reels. To succeed on these platforms you have to give them what they want then make it unique, so I believe creators now should continue to post what makes them unique and happy but never ignore the algorithms and your audience. 

He took a breather due to school, but he’s back.

The past 5-6 months I have been absent from posting regularly on all platforms mainly because I got pushed back in to in-person learning by my school district which affected my posting and acting schedule and led into many issues long term. Now I am leaving that school district for a easier schedule so I can post and get back on track into acting and YouTube long term. 

Free tim is for friends, family and community.

I love to hang out with my family and friends and get something to eat or participate in local events or fundraisers going on in my community. I value a lot of the free time and rest I get now compared to a few years ago when I started. 

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Social links 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/AustinSowell 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/austinsowell_/ 

Tik tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@austinsowell_ 

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