5 Ways To Fix Your Thinning Hair And Make It Full Again

People say that your hair is your crowning glory since it’s on top of your head. Additionally, your hair can make a difference in your look, depending on your choice of style. Whatever your age might be, there are many ways to rock it as you can fashionably enhance your hairstyle by getting a haircut or changing its color.

However, your hair may also look awful if it starts to fall out due to the following factors:

  • Nutritional deficiency 
  • Anemia
  • Family history or genes 
  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress
  • Age
  • Different hair treatments or chemicals applied

While having thinning hair can be bothersome, you can stop worrying as this article will help you fix your hair and make it full again. Your hair problems can be solved through these five ways:

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1. Use Shampoos For Anti-Hair Fall

The most accessible care for your thinning hair is to use shampoos that may avoid hair fall. These shampoo products can help in two ways: prevent hair loss or improve its state.  

Hair loss may vary depending on the sex of a person. If you’re a woman experiencing this, you should look for female hair loss shampoo that’ll help you grow your hair faster. If you’re a man, you may also look at other variants of anti-thinning shampoo since your hair grows faster due to hormones.

2. Dry Your Hair The Opposite Way

You can flip your hair down in a vertical position to your face after taking a bath so it can help add a little volume to your hair. Furthermore, it’d be best if you direct hot air to your roots to be slightly uplifted when your hair is dry.

3. Get A Styled Haircut, Hair Extensions, Or Wig From A Salon 

You may ask salon experts if they can do any hairstyle that can make your hair look thicker. Getting a proper haircut can help add volume to your thinning hair without using some hair products. This may also help you regain your natural look.

For men, the haircut styles you may ask for adding volume to your hair are the slick, spike, and undercut pompadour. For women, you can try a long-layered haircut, bob with layers, and ruffled bob. Try to experiment with various haircuts, but see to it that it’d make your hair full. 

Besides getting a haircut, you can also ask for suggestions if hair extensions suit you. The following are types of hair extensions: 

  • Clip-on extension: It gives zero damage to your hair and can be easily put back and removed. 
  • Weave or sew-in extension: Professionals should do this extension since they’ll be sewing the weave in the braids. This may also take a lot of time because it needs to be tightened.
  • Wigs: This product will cover your whole natural hair temporarily and will change your entire look.
  • Many salons and online stores selling hair products offer affordable human hair extensions and wigs that blend well with your natural hair, so no need to worry about looking like a clown. 

4. Consult A Dermatologist 

A dermatologist can also specialize in hair problems. Having a consultation with them can help you identify more of your concerns and give professional help in resolving them. Additionally, they can prescribe you appropriate steps for the prevention of hair loss like giving multivitamins you can take for preventing hair fall.

If you think you can’t fix your hair problem on your own, then having an expert opinion is recommended.

5. Schedule A Scalp Massage

Scalp massages help you relax, and they also help strengthen the roots of your hair for growth. The massage stretches the cells in the follicles, which are stimulated to produce hair that’s thicker. In addition, this enhances your blood circulation as a stressed scalp can hinder your hair from growing. You can set a schedule with a massage therapist or you can do it on your own.


Your hair may be thinning, but these simple ways can help you make it full again. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on taking care of your hair loss because there are steps to grow it again like buying hair loss shampoos, drinking vitamins, or getting a haircut, among others. These can help you bring back your confidence with your hair as a crowning glory.

Furthermore, you should always be careful about what you’re applying to your hair if you don’t want to worsen the damage of hair loss you’re enduring. As a rule of thumb, read the ingredients list in a product and make sure there are no toxic chemicals included. As much as possible, use natural products only. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you make your thinning hair full again.

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