Bored and looking for things to do during coronavirus lockdown? Zoe Nazarian’s here to help…

Are you bored out of your mind and stuck at home thanks to the Corona Virus?

The truth is, everyone is doing their part to try to “flatten the curve” of the spread of this scary virus by staying at home under quarantine…so good job and kudos to you! But after the online classes are complete, after the chores your parents made you do are done, and after you’ve eaten ALL the snacks….what now?

When most of the world has shut down….gyms, restaurants, school and even movie theaters, what’s a teen to do during coronavirus social distancing?

Zoe Nazarian has compiled a list of 20 things to do when you’re bored, while you’re stuck at home. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to her channel and leave a comment on the video below sharing what you’re doing to cure your boredom and how you’re dealing with social distancing.

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