Designing your Instagram account and feed to get maximum traffic

Standing out among the legions of talented artists and designers on Instagram is a daunting task. But with proper strategies and skills in designing your Instagram account and feed to get maximum traffic you can boost your account, drawing more audiences to your work.

Instagram is not just about creating a catchy feed. The craze of mindless and frivolous selfies is a bygone era. Cultivating a popular account is not only about the pictures. With the right graphic and web design for your online portfolio, your brand can taste success in a short time.

You need the right tools for illustrating your creative stuff and present your brand/business in a professional manner. Your work may be oozing with quality and talent, but you need to give it that extra push to ensure that it goes in the right direction. Designing your Instagram account and feed to get maximum traffic takes a bit of work.

In addition to curating a beautiful feed and cultivating a universal visual parlance across every account aspect, you can boost your IG presence through some by optimizing your bio, being social, finding creative ways to engage your followers, adding CTAs, and using hashtags effectively.

Designing your Instagram account and feed to get maximum traffic.

Designing your Instagram account and feed to get maximum traffic

Graphic design gateways

One of the easiest graphic design trends to emerge this year is muted color palettes. After decades of bright, clear colors ruling the roost in the design industry, designers are embracing new things and incorporating muted colors.

  • Well, if everyone is using bold shades in their IG content, the pictures become cliché.
  • You need to stand out and muted colors can be helpful. Take vivid colors and inject them with black, white, or a complementary shade.
  • Muted colors have a tendency of becoming more natural. They reflect in your regular surroundings, which is why many lifestyle and health brands are using the design on their IG accounts.
  • Another smart and simple reason to incorporate muted colors in your Insta graphic design scheme is that they don’t dominate or affect your graphic. It gives other design elements enough space to breath and shine.
  • Another pro tip to step up your graphic design for IG is to use genuine and authentic stock images.
  • Once color starts changing, the most popular stock photos will follow. As you already know, muted colors have a subdued and natural feel, especially in contrast with popular vivid shades of the past.
  • That’s precisely why authentic and simple lifestyle stock pictures are going to rule the list in the long run.
  • Instead of extravagant and rare layouts, and those stiff, artificial poses, stock images can capture real moments and real folks doing regular stuff.

Your Instagram gallery is your portfolio

For graphic designers, your gallery must act as your portfolio. It should your processes at their very best. Include your masterpieces and regular videos or images. Attach a lively feel to them and post in Instagram Stories.

  • Present them as work-in-progress content, behind-the-scenes video, concept development, before and after pictures, and happy clients/customers using your graphic designs.
  • Your captions must have proper value or information for your audience. While you can always buy 20 Instagram likes from trusted sites, you need to get your audience to interact with you.

Your design and content should be interactive. It will propel your audience to comment or share your stuff, building loyalty and a community.

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