5 Fast Facts about teen actor Niko Ceci

Niko Ceci is a teen actor, dancer and singer from Toronto, Canada who plays Kev in the new series I Woke Up a Vampire airing now on the Family Channel and is set to stream later in 2023 on Netflix.

I Woke Up A Vampire follows 13-year-old half-human, half-vampire Carmie’s journey of self-discovery as she navigates school, deals with a vampire hunter, and even takes part in a musical. The series addresses the challenge of hiding who you are versus wanting to be seen. 

In the show, Niko plays Kev, a smart and serious comic book geek who is Carmie’s best friend. Kev has a quirky sense of humour and he is a caring friend. He worries about Carmie, who he feels could be haunted due to the fact that she is half-vampire. Kev is a bit of a loner but he is comfortable with himself and he is sure of his beliefs.

Niko’s past work includes voice roles on Creative Galaxy, the Clifford the Big Red Dog remake, Blue’s Clues and appearances on Odd Squad and Incorporated.

Niko can also be seen starring in part two of the first season of the hit sci-fi anthology series series Circuit Breakers premiering on Apple TV+ this 2023.

Here’s 5 Fast Facts about Niko Ceci!

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He’s joined the cast of Circuit Breakers.

Circuit Breakers is a brand new Sci-Fi anthology series that premiered last fall. I am so thrilled to be joining the cast of Circuit Breakers for season two. I play the role of Felix. Felix is the leader of the school marching band. He is an ambitious kid with a sense of humor. Our episode has many plot twists and will keep you on your toes. I cannot say too much because no press has been released, but I hope all of you enjoy our episode as well as the entire anthology. 

His biggest role to date is about being friends with a vampire!

I Woke Up a Vampire tells the story of 13 year old Carmie Henley. On her 13th birthday Carmie starts to realize that supernatural things are happening to her, like she starts to levitate and she gains super speed. Her caring and at times comic book aficionado friend, Kev (that’s me!) helps Carmie navigate through this new world of mythics and monsters. Being Carmie’s BFF, Kev also acts as her support system as she navigates life as a normal 13 year old girl. Even though he takes his mission as Carmie’s protector very seriously he also has a really good sense of humor. 

His first day on set was like a dream!

My most memorable moment in showbiz was definitely when I walked onto the I Woke Up A Vampire set for the first time. The producers of the show, Tom Lynch, took the cast for a tour of the entire set. Meeting everyone was so amazing! The cast connected as soon as we saw each other and sat through the first table read. I remember thinking in my head that I was in a dream and that this could not be really happening.. Working on a show like I Woke Up A Vampire was so AWESOME in every way. The sets and effects were super cool and the writing was incredible. You have to watch and see for yourself! 

One thing he DOESN’T have in common with his character Kev is:

One thing that is very surprising about me is that I never really picked up a comic book until working on I Woke Up A Vampire. My character Kev is a comic book aficionado, but surprisingly this is not my favorite genre, I prefer fantasy or murder mystery novels. 

If you weren’t an actor, what other career could you see yourself doing as an adult? 

If I wasn’t acting I could see myself being an architect, a writer or a director. I have always loved to draw and create houses of my own. I also really enjoy expressing myself through the art of writing and creating characters and plots of my own. Finally, I feel that directing would also be such a fun job, in fact, I often create my own movies and get creative with my friends filming them.


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