Diet Changes You Can Make to Feel Better During the Day

If you aren’t feeling good on a regular basis, one of the first things you should do is take a look at your diet. Getting too much or too little of various foods can really impact how you feel and how much energy you have each day for school and your other activities. Here are a few of the most commonly needed dietary changes that can help you to feel better every day.

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Eat a Nutrient-Rich Breakfast

Some teens feel okay when they first wake up, but say that their energy starts flagging later in the day. This often happens when you aren’t getting enough nutrients in your diet first thing in the morning. You don’t have to eat breakfast the second you wake up, but eating something nutrient-dense in the first few hours of being awake can give you energy to get through the day. Fruit, oatmeal, yogurt, and many other breakfast options can help you to get in necessary nutrients and feel full until lunch time.

Quit Sugary Drinks

If you drink a lot of sugary drinks, it can have a serious impact on your nutrient intake. This is true because sometimes you can actually fill up on the sugary drinks when you haven’t had nearly enough nutrients to keep you running. It’s okay to have a little sugar from time to time, but it shouldn’t be a main part of your diet. Eating too much sugar can be bad for your physical health, lead to a sugar crash, and even hurt your oral health, so it’s better to avoid it when possible. Sugar and bacteria can combine to damage your tooth enamel.

Consider Your Protein Intake

Getting enough protein is important to having enough energy to get things done and feeling good throughout the day. And if you live an active lifestyle, you may need even more protein to help yourself feel good. You might be surprised by how many different foods are full of protein, so you don’t have to simply eat a bunch more meat to start feeling more energy in the day. Things like nuts and even cheese can also help you to boost your protein and feel better.

As you think more carefully about your diet and how you feel, remember that you can start with small adjustments. You should also talk with your physician and your parents so they can help you make smarter diet choices. When you work to improve your diet, you can feel much better and more energetic every day.

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