Disney Star Ava Kolker releases new single “All to Myself” – INTERVIEW

Born in California, Ava Kolker has been acting since she could walk and talk. Her first screen role came on the first season of “American Horror Story” at the age of four. Since then, Ava has worked on many different movies and television shows, including her major guest star recurring role on all three seasons of the Emmy nominated Disney television series, “Girl Meets World”, and most recently her series regular role on “Sydney to the Max” where she played Olive for 3 seasons.  Next, she will be seen in the feature film “Manifest West” coming out on Nov 11. In addition to acting, Ava is a Singer/songwriter who has 5 original singles out and just dropped her latest: All to Myself! LISTEN HERE

When not acting, Ava enjoys the outdoors such as playing tennis, hiking, swimming and going to the beach, as well as working on her black belt in mixed martial arts. 

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Hello Ava, great to catch up with you! You’ve got a new song being released—what can you tell us about it? 

Yes, it’s been a minute but I’m happy to catch up as well.  My new song is called “All to Myself” and it’s a fun upbeat song about a superfan who romanticizes being with her favorite musician.

Why do you think people are going to love listening to it?

I think people are going to love listening to it because I think people can relate to being connected to their favorite artists. It has a very catchy chorus, and it’s a song they will love to blast in the car.

How would you say you have grown as a musical artist since your first release, The Good Ones? 

I would say that I have gotten a lot stronger vocally, and have had fun with different genres and finding my sound.

I’m sure you have a lot more songs written—is there a full-length album in the works? 

Possibly. I do have quite a few songs written and I am deliberating whether I should release an Album or EP or just keep releasing singles. I haven’t made that final decision yet.

You have a role in the upcoming “Manifest West.” What can you tell us about that film and your role in it? 

Yes, actually, it’s a great film about the challenges a family can encounter when one of them falls ill to mental illness. My sister Lexy Kolker is the lead and I get to be the bad influence girl who gets her in trouble. It’s a completely opposite role from anything I have played on Disney.

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You have a lot of fans thanks to your role as “Olive” in Disney’s Sydney to the Max. What was your fondest memory about working on that show? 

I made great friends, especially Jackson Dollinger who I am super close with to this day. We filmed it a lot during the pandemic so it was nice to be able to have someone on the show who always had your back. And of course Ruth was amazing and so talented.

And what was the most difficult or challenging part about your years on the show? 

I would say being on a Disney channel show is challenging because it is so all encompassing of your life. It takes a lot of time management and stress management to be able to do it all. Work 5 days a week, 9.5 hours a day, do school, events, press, promos, etc… It’s super invigorating and fun but sometimes, it feels like you don’t know how you’re going to get it all done.

Do you still hang out with your Sydney cast mates? 

Yes, especially Jackson who played Young Max.  I see him all the time, we go to events together, hang out in his music studio, and our families even went on vacation together this year, so we’ve stayed really close. Ruth is in Northern California so I don’t get to see her that often.

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What is your favorite part about being an actress? 

I love meeting new people and being part of the creative process of having an idea come to life that will make people laugh or cry or be afraid.  It’s so rewarding.

And your least favorite? 

Definitely all of the auditioning and learning lines and the rejection.

What has been your number one, ALL-TIME FAVORITE moment in show biz so far? 

My favorite moment was when I heard I booked “Sydney to the Max” and I was going to be a series regular on a Disney Channel show.  It had always been my dream and I was sobbing. I never felt so much joy!!

Who are your role models and inspirations? 

I would say Lady Gaga is my biggest role model and inspiration because she is such a genius songwriter, an amazing singer and a phenomenal actress. She is so unapologetically herself. I also love Zendaya because of how grounded she is even though she has infinite talent and success and she is such a fashion icon.

You and your sister Lexy seem to be very close. What habits do each of you have that drives the other crazy? 

It drives me crazy when she doesn’t want to let me wear something of hers when she constantly wears my clothes. Typical sister stuff. And I think I drive her crazy when I sing all the time, and she’s talking to me.  

What’s the most effective and positive way you have dealt with social media trolls and critics? 

I try my best to ignore them and I block them sometimes if they are downright nasty.  Life is too short to hear negativity and people who hide behind social media to be cruel and bullies don’t need to be on my page or on any others quite frankly.

What advice do you have for influencers your age who want to be successful like you?

Being an influencer is hard work and you have to be very consistent. Post multiple times a day on multiple platforms. Cross promote your platforms and find interesting content to share and switch it up so you can stay interesting.

If you could have one superpower in real life, what would it be and why? 

It would be to fly. I have always wanted to see life from above and be able to get places quicker to be more effective and hopefully make more of a difference.

If we asked your friends what your best quality is, what would they say? 

I think they would say loyalty.  I love my friends and I have had some of the same friends for over a decade.  Some of my ride or dies, I would do anything for.

Favorite snack? 


Favorite holiday (and why)? 

Christmas.  I love the Christmas carols, the decorations, the lights, the excitement of surprises in the air. I look forward to it every year.

Tell me something people would be surprised to know about you. 

I think they would be surprised to hear that I actually have 3 sisters, Lexy and 2 older sisters who I am also very close to.

Tell me ONE food you REFUSE to eat and why? 

I won’t eat liver. I don’t know I think I tried it once and hated it and won’t ever try it again.

What else are you working on or have coming up next? 

I am mostly working on my music right now, and social media and building some great brand relationships, until the next acting project comes up.


Sure, here you go!

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