Hannah Gold says ‘no’ to toxic Exes with “They Always Come Back”

Pop/R&B inspired songstress Hannah Gold is back with her latest single They Always Come Back and this time the recording artist, songwriter, and producer is saying no to the toxic relationships of her past.

Featuring Hannah’s clear and pristine tone atop a modernized and trap-influenced production, Hannah sings “Now you want me back I’m sure, let me show you, here’s the door.” As the chorus comes in, Hannah reminds others that may have been in her situation that those toxic partners, “they always come back for more” and that you should let go, and move on, leaving them in the past.

She shares, “I hope that listeners can relate to the chaos of a toxic ex partner constantly trying to win them back. I want listeners to realize that they are strong enough to say no, let go, and move on. It isn’t always in your best interest to repeat old patterns by returning to a failed relationship that both partners gave up on. I hope listeners realize that holding on to something because it’s familiar isn’t always the best option. Sometimes it’s better to prioritize yourself and find what makes you happy. Rekindled relationships usually end for the same reason they did the first time around. Learn from your mistakes, improve yourself, and try again with someone new.

They Always Come Back is available on all streaming platforms.


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Let’s find out about the release with a new Q&A!

Her new song is relatable for almost anyone who’s suffered a breakup.

They Always Come Back is a post-breakup anthem that screams female empowerment and moving on. The song is about how ex partners always try to re-enter your life and win you back at some point in your life whether that be a month later or five years. For some reason they just can’t stay away! It is also about being strong enough to learn from mistakes, recognize toxic patterns, and avoid falling back into the same cycle over and over again. When we are young and naive, we often return to partners who we know are bad for us simply because we don’t know any better and don’t realize that there are better people out there for us.

Moral of the story: don’t be sad over someone leaving you because they will almost certainly try to win you back in the future. The real challenge is knowing your worth and saying “no”. Hopefully by the time they come back, it will be too late because you will love yourself more than you love the idea of being with them.

She’s releasing a brand new video for the song as well.

The music video for They Always Come Back differs from Run Away because it is more of a music video and less of a short film with a storyline. This music video features a combination of performance clips, a storyline of an ex boyfriend trying outrageous ways to win me back, and memory clips of me thinking back to the good times. Run Away is about ex lovers rekindling their love and running away together while They Always Come Back is about a toxic ex trying to win back a girl who finally learned her worth and moved on. They Always Come Back is about taking the power back and saying “no” to abusive cycles.

She feels releasing music on her own label benefits her more than if she were signed to a major label–for now.

Yes, I do! I believe that in the early stages as an artist, releasing on my own gives me the most flexibility and freedom to define who Hannah Gold is as an artist. I am able to release a variety of song styles on my schedule without pressure or stress from a label. When a label or investor funds your music, you need to take what they want into consideration. I might love a song and want to release it, but the investor has the final say at the end of the day. I don’t like to confine myself to one genre and would like the flexibility to explore releases along the spectrum of R&B, pop, and hip-hop genres. Releasing on my own allows me to release a variety of tracks to see what sticks best with fans. I also get to keep 100% ownership of my masters and avoid a Taylor Swift type situation. However, I am not opposed to partnering with another label in the future.

This is how she deals with criticism:

I usually laugh it off and assume the other person is just jealous or sad. If a hateful comment is made on one of my social media pages, I delete the comment and block the person who wrote it. I love myself and know my value, so nothing anybody says can really get to me. I practice daily affirmations and meditation to clear my mind from any negative thoughts and to reassure myself that I am smart, beautiful, talented, and amazing. Once you recognize your own worth, the people around you will notice it too 🙂

Her favorite guilty pleasure is:

Definitely shopping! I love browsing catalogues for new clothes, sneakers, purses, and even random household items on Amazon. I can go to CVS for one small item, end up browsing for an hour, and leave with 5 bags full of stuff. I remember when I moved into my old apartment building, the whole leasing office knew who I was because I had the most packages of any resident moving in. Who doesn’t like getting packages though??

Could you please send a new selfie? : )

Of course! Here is a selfie of me from my recent Hawaii trip 🙂


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