How to Host Your Own Trivia Night Online

The recent pandemic has caused many of us to isolate, and it’s certainly taking a toll on our emotional wellbeing. For those that are used to seeing family and friends, it can be challenging to find creative ways to spend time together while still socially distancing. Luckily enough, there is a safe way to have a night full of fun; all it takes is a bit of preparation.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can host your own online trivia night. Interested? Then keep on reading!

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Choose a platform

The very first step in hosting an event online is to choose the right platform. Luckily enough, there are plenty of options out there, and most are easy to use, even for those that aren’t tech-savvy. Check out these popular videoconferencing tools to compare what is best. Most are free, but some offer plans that allow you to extend your meeting times and add on extra users.

Decide upon a theme

Once you’ve decided upon a platform, you also need to think about your trivia theme. You can stick to something simple, like general questions, but if you want to spice it up, choose something that everyone in your family/friend group loves. From Disney, sports, tv shows, or even decades like the 70s and 80s, the options are pretty much endless!

Dressing up in middle-age garb could also be a good way to go. There are numerous themes to choose from to make virtual trivia nights even more entertaining.

Send out invites

The next step is to send out invites to all of your family and friends. Some video platforms can do this, but if not, you can create a Facebook event, send out a mass email, or even just text everyone personally. Make sure you include all of the vital information, from the date and time to any additional requirements. If it’s themed, you might even get everyone to dress up in costumes!  

Put together your trivia questions

Once you’ve organized a time, you can start putting together all your questions! LaffGaff is a great place to start if you are after some general bar trivia, but you may even try making up some of your own! If you want to get involved yourself, then look up a random trivia generator that only displays the answer once you click on it. 

Offer a prize 

If you really want to take your online trivia night to the next level, why not consider offering a prize. With so many different online gift cards, you can easily email the award to the winner. Want something less serious? Maybe the winner can get a pizza sent to their home for free! There are so many different options to choose from.

Have fun

Finally, the most crucial step in hosting this night is to remember to have fun! Trivia is exciting, and if you’re bored during lockdown, it’s certainly a great way to help you and your friends spend time together (while remaining safe, of course). Laugh along, organize minigames, try out these fundraising ideas and don’t forget to make sure everyone is happy and healthy. It’s times like this where coming together is more important than ever.

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