How to Sign Up for Your First College Classes

You are about to don that cap and gown and leave high school behind, and you couldn’t be more excited! But navigating the transition from secondary school to college can be a bit mind-boggling. One item on your long list of stuff to do is to sign up for classes. This can seem overwhelming, but if you use the resources given you, you will find it is a cinch.

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Consult With Your Counselor

At most colleges, you will be assigned a counselor or advisor to help you with any questions you might have about your major or how to choose from the vast sea of classes offered. Your counselor can be a huge help, so don’t miss out! Try and meet with your counselor before it is time to register for classes. They can talk you through a realistic 4-year plan if you know your major. If you don’t, they can guide you in selecting a few courses of interest that might spike a passion and guide your career choice.

Online v. In-Person

Many colleges offer online classes, which can be a great option. Online classes give you more flexibility but at the expense of an instructor in the classroom. This is something you will have to weigh out for yourself. If you are especially busy, it might be nice to take one or two of your classes online. If you opt for this route, however, make sure that you are a self-driver. And remember, you will lose out on the irreplaceable connection with a professor and classmates that only in-person classes can give you.

Ease In

When you start college, you will be facing a lot of changes all at once. You will probably also be surprised by the sheer volume of reading, studying, and writing you will be required to do. It can be overwhelming at first, so ease in. Consider scheduling in a few easier classes, such as art or P.E., along with some generals. It is nice to get your general requirements out of the way during the first two years. Also, be sure to mix it up. Don’t put all of your science labs or heavy writing classes into one semester. Finally, don’t take too many classes at once. Provide yourself with plenty of study time.

This is an exhilarating time! As long as you plan each semester carefully, you will love your college experience and be able to maintain a reasonable life balance. Study hard, but don’t forget to have fun and get involved. Your college years will be some of the very best years of your life!

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