Important Aspects of Sex Every Teen Needs to Understand

Being a teen is tough. Between the balancing act of academics and extracurriculars and managing a social life and personal relationships, there’s a lot to handle. When it comes to being in personal relationships, many teens may want to express their desire to be together by having sex. While that is a natural urge, there are some important aspects about it that every teen needs to understand.

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Consent is one of the most critical elements of having sex with another person. If one person decides at any point that they don’t want to continue or even start, that needs to be the end of it. Sexual coercion can take many forms, but is never good and is utterly unfair. It disregards the serious nature of that aspect of the relationship. It too easily turns into abuse and can ruin every good thing you had going on. No matter who’s saying it, if anyone says no or indicates they don’t want to go further, that absolutely must be respected.

Here is an episode where we go more in-depth into the subject of consent:

Sex Education

The desire to have sex is one of the most powerful urges humans have. It’s natural and normal to be curious about sex. That said, where you get your information from is an important factor to weigh as you try to learn about it. Some sources are much better than others. Your parents, counselors, and doctors are among the best resources available to you. They should be both reliable and safe. It’s much less of a good idea to get sex education from your friends or the internet. Turning to pornography is one of the worst things you can do to learn about it. Pornography can have harmful, drug-like effects on your brain which affects your sex life. These effects can last for a long time and be incredibly difficult to overcome. Sometimes sexual dysfunction wouldn’t be as far down the road, if ever you’re looking for options to get rid of this check out procedures VortoMax™ shockwave therapy for options

Legal Ramifications

No one wants to think that the way they choose to express their love for someone could be illegal, but depending on how old you are and where you live, that’s exactly what you could be facing. The legal age of consent changes from state to state. Even if you’re the same age and are both consenting parties, you could be opening yourselves up to statutory rape charges. States with Romeo and Juliet laws may make it possible to defeat such charges, but the better choice is to refrain from having sex until you are both above the age of consent.

Choosing to have sex is a decision that could impact the rest of your life, no matter what the rest of the world may try to tell you. Before you make that choice, you need to have an understanding of consent, a healthy sex education, and the legal ramifications of your choices. It may be a natural expression of your feelings, but it’s also incredibly powerful and should be treated as such.

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