Teen Pregnancy: Are You Prepared for Sleep and Playtime Expenses?

Teen pregnancy rates are heading down, thanks to more teens practicing abstinence and/or using birth control. More teens also realize the responsibilities which come with having a child, and that they are not prepared — especially if they plan on pursuing higher education.

Two of the activities new parents are going to have to adapt their lives around are sleep and play. And each of these carries expenses which new parents might not expect. Here are some examples.

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Sleep does much more for babies than just resting them: it helps them grow. A well-rested baby not only allows the parents to have their time and sleep more peacefully but also develops quickly and properly. Sleep allows the baby’s essential systems to develop as required, especially the brain and nervous system. To sleep well, he will need to be comfortable. This, of course, refers to his bedding and the nursery environment.  Here are some of the items you can purchase to make sure that your little one is as comfortable as possible:


For a mother who has just given birth, it is advisable to sleep in the same room as their little one. Between the age of 0-3 months, a baby will require constant attention from their parents. Baby bassinets (cradles) provide that security in the early stages. Their small nature enables the toddler to fit perfectly and cozy up to feel comfortable. Such comfort and sense of security are necessary for undisturbed sleep to aid in growth and development as mentioned earlier. Bassinets are mobile and easily fit next to your bed, so you can also bring them to your room. It will make it easier for you to feed your baby at night or check up on them when they wake up.


Most parents prefer getting cots for their young ones before they are old enough to sleep in a bed. Seeing as this is where they will spend most of their time, it is important to consider safety and comfort when purchasing one. It should fit your baby well without any safety hazards such as wide gaps that can trap the baby. Be sure to get a good fit that is neither too large or too small – comfort and a sense of security are important for good sleep.


Baby blankets are necessary additions to baby bedding, especially if you live in a cold place. It is also important that you choose the perfect size made with aerated material to help control temperatures. A baby wrapped in a warm cozy blanket is more likely to sleep soundly throughout the night than one dressed in heavy clothing.


Your baby’s mattress can also easily define how well they sleep. Just like the baby bears, it should neither be too soft or too hard. Be sure to check that your baby’s mattress is made with the right material, fits their cot perfectly and stays clean all the time.

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Playing with your kids plays a vital role in the growth of your baby through emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development. Playing with your baby strengthens bonds. It also allows the baby to learn fundamental life skills and values such as sharing. The baby gets the chance to explore the world, feel, and touch objects as their curiosity increases. Everything they hear, smell, or taste is recorded in their brains to enhance their mental development. The baby will try to move around as they reach out for something, improving their motor functions. It will also help them to sleep more soundly when they get tired. The importance of playtime for kids can not be overstated!


Independence is one of the values that babies need to develop as they grow. Baby playmats enable the baby to be on their own while playing with other toys. You can stay at a safe distance and keep an eye on them while making sure that they do so on a clean and safe surface. It provides a platform for your baby to roll around and move to enhance their gross and fine motor functions. For instance, laying on their backs while playing on the mat enables them to strengthen their necks and backs especially as they try to get up.

Playmats are usually made of bright and contrasting colours to improve their visual perception as they grow. This helps them make distinctions in the colours around, and this, in turn, improves their vision rapidly. The benefits of a baby’s play mat are truly inexhaustible.


A baby gym is an even better upgrade. It has many more features such as hanging toys. The more advanced (and expensive) ones have mirrors, lights, and music in it. These features keep the baby entertained and engaged for long periods as you take a break or do something else. As the baby plays in the gym, his reflexes in grasping and reaching improve, as they stretch out for the dangling toys. The mirrors and music make the baby aware of their surroundings. Babies can notice themselves while they play, making them more self-aware. The sounds and bright colours stimulate their sensory organs as they engage themselves.

Conclusively, every baby’s growth is dependent on both sleep and play. Parents should be as keen on those two as they are with other aspects of the baby’s life including his health. These two aspects are crucial in the development of emotional, physical, social, and cognitive skills, but as you can see, parents must budget for certain items to achieve success in these areas.

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