iSing Silicon Valley Champions Girls as Artists

The award-winning girl choir recently released its debut album on Innova Recordings

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What if we told you that young girls are changing the world through song? This is the driving principle behind the Bay Area girlchoir, iSing Silicon Valley. Founded in 2013, the program strives to “champion girls as artists, inspire self-discovery, and transform lives.” It does this by providing exceptional musical experiences to more than 200 1st-12th grade young girls in Silicon Valley. Rigorous musical and vocal training, as well as mentorship, leadership, and volunteering opportunities, are some of the avenues through which this mission is fulfilled.

“iSing is about more than singing,” affirmed singer Maggie KS who performs with iSing’s Polyphonics & HD Choir, “iSing is about turning girls into powerful and strong women.”

Over the past seven years, iSing Silicon Valley has earned widespread recognition on national and international stages. The group has toured in the United States from California to Oregon, and abroad to France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic, and Germany. At each new location, iSing members have been praised for their gorgeous vocal blend and joyous singing. These qualities have also earned them impressive accolades, such as the 2018 Chorus America Dale Warland Singers Commission Award and the Grand Prize at the 8th International Robert Schumann Choral Competition in Zwickau, Germany that same year.

The next step in iSing’s artistic journey comes in the form of an 11-track album. Released in August on Innova Recordings, Here I Stand celebrates the power of girls to change the world as they raise their voices in remembrance, strength, and the shared delight of coming together to sing. The album features new compositions created specifically for iSing, as well as relevant works that touch on themes like social justice, individual growth, and collective power.

When asked about the recording process for Here I Stand, iSing singer Fiona E shared, “after recording the album, I looked at singing in a whole new light, I think we all did. We are collectively so much stronger now and I really am so grateful we got this experience.”

Here I Stand is a manifestation of iSing’s vision to create a bright future in which the voices of young women are heard and valued. Bonded by artistic experiences that challenge and shape their understanding of the world, these singers are realizing their limitless potential and power.

iSing’s Here I Stand is available on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, and Spotify: To learn more about the group, visit

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