Stellar Gen Z singers from around the world record inspirational song

Twelve young singers between the ages of 13 and 24, from all over the world, recently released a song and video project and the incredible part is that they did it all using their cell phones!

According to group spokesperson Anastasia Lee:

We chose to record the song, “I Believe”, on our cellphones, and we mixed everything together on our own computers. We mean for this to be a recording or symbol of peace and we thought it especially fitting for this time in history given the racial inequality, riots, the covid19 pandemic, homelessness and economic strife, etc. that so many of us are facing.


  1. Anastasia Lee: USA, 23
  2. Faith Tucker: United Kingdom, 19  
  3. Mireya Derksen: The Netherlands, 20
  4. Rose Mae: USA, 22  
  5. Tatiana Marie: USA, 21  
  6. Marjolein Acke: Belgium, 13  
  7. Agne G.: Lithuania/USA, 18  
  8. Ekaterina Shelehova: Russia/Canada, 24  
  9. Diana Marie Paunetto: Sicily, 16  
  10. Ying-Shan Tseng: South Africa, 17  
  11. Lieneke van Eijkelenburg: The Netherlands, 19  
  12. Rone Roux: South Africa, 22  

These young ladies are all internationally acclaimed artists from all over the world whose accomplishments include: 

  • Faith Tucker was a finalist on Britain’s Got Talent. 
  • Anastasia Lee’s trio (with Tatiana and Rose) called Tre Principesse has a billboard charting album.
  • Anastasia also has nearly 10 million views on YouTube and performed with Josh Groban. 
  • Agne G. performed with the hit maker David Foster, who had discovered many world famous artists. 
  • Ying-Shan, who lives in South Africa though born in Taiwan, is blind. That hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her passion for music. 

What an inspiring group of young women!

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