Mental Health Triggers You Should Be Aware Of

In a modern society in ordinary times, there are a lot of ways to have ongoing stress manifest! With the trauma of pandemic, however, the mental health triggers have increased tenfold for most families. This can rapidly become overwhelming, not just for parents, but for younger generations as well. What mental health triggers should you be aware of as a teen?

School Stress

The national school system is a very stressful prospect for most students in a “regular” year, and now that the country is over two and a half years into a pandemic, the concept of regular has gone out of the window! This means that between having been thrown into a new schooling system online, not being around friends and family, and trying to catch up after long delays, both students and their teachers are exceptionally much under stress. According to Frontiers in Education, realizing that this is normal stress for the situation, and learning to ask for help from medical professionals is an important step, regardless of the age of the student.

The Weather

Darker winter weather, and spending more time inside in cold weather can be wearing upon the body, which needs sunshine each day in order to process vitamins. According to TMS Clinics of Canada, going outside and getting Vitamin D can help your depression during winter months. If you are diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder, meaning the seasonal change causes you to have depression, then follow your doctor’s medication and light regime.


It’s important to realize when you have a family history of depression in general, which might have increased during this time. Regardless of how well you’ve functioned previously in society, being blindsided by ongoing sickness, family loss, illness, or other traumatic loss can make it feel impossible to continue in society. According to Mayo Clinic however, if your family, like many, have a history of self-medicating with alcohol, drugs, or even shopping, it’s important to recognize those triggers. Just as if you had a family history of diabetes it would be important to medicate properly if symptoms arise, the same is true for depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses.

Knowing in advance that your family is facing extreme stress and varying mental health triggers right now is a great step forward in preventing danger to them. Check in with children and young adults to check their needs. Protect your family by encouraging strong mental health to make sure they are safeguarded.

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