Pet Owner Advice: Tips for Improving Your Dog’s Health

Just about every dog owner knows that keeping their pup healthy means a lifetime of wonderful memories. Healthy dogs need more than annual trips to the vet and daily walks; you need to care for a dog’s mind and body just like you would for yourself. With these tips for improving your dog’s health, both new and lifelong pet owners can find ways to ensure their canine friends remain in great shape!

Pet Owner Advice: Tips for Improving Your Dog’s Health

Have a Schedule

You’ll need a schedule for everything from feeding and walks to trips to the vet. By being consistent, you ensure your dog feels a sense of security and that you never forget a responsibility. With all the hustle and bustle of life, it can be easy for you to forget that daily walk. Neglecting this task is unfair to your pup, especially if it’s their only outlet for exercise.

Remember To Bond

Find activities you and your furry companion can do together as you work to improve your bond. Some dogs need more attention than others—certain breeds look to please their human companions more than others. Consider attending a training class together, and always set aside time for some one-on-one time with your canine.

Pro Tip

Some dogs require more attention than others, but some pooches request constant attention. Deal with these negative behaviors early on. While a puppy jumping and barking for attention may be cute at first, it can become frustrating as they grow. Plus, behaviors like jumping on people may become dangerous with age and size.

Protect Against Disease

Vaccines like distemper, parvo, and rabies all protect your dog against otherwise dangerous diseases. Often, obedience schools require all canine students receive these vaccines before enrollment because they can lead to death in dogs.

In addition to keeping your pup’s vaccines up to date, many vets highly advise you to give your dog monthly medication to prevent heartworm, fleas, and ticks. If untreated or left undetected, heartworm could become a lethal disease known as caval syndrome.

Understand Canine Diets

Many pet owners know various human foods like grapes and chocolate are toxic to dogs, but what you may not know is that some canines have food allergies. As you determine the ideal diet for your pooch, you should look into food brands and understand what foods agree with your pup’s stomach.

Some dogs require foods higher in fiber, and others need to take probiotics like Bernies once a day. Additionally, puppies and adult dogs usually eat different foods since young pups require more vitamins to ensure they flourish.

Pro Tip

If your dog breaks out in a rash or gets sick after eating specific kibbles, plan a trip to the vet. Both are symptoms of food allergies, so your furry friend may need to try a different food brand. Before adopting a dog, find out the common health problems of popular breeds to prepare for possible complications. With the right tips for improving your dog’s health, you’ll keep your pooch’s life fulfilling and long-lasting!

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