Teen Backyard Projects You Can Complete on a Weekend

Living as a teen can be busy and there are so many things you have to do to keep your life feeling great. Tackling big projects that take weeks to complete can sometimes be a little bit more demanding than your balance of life and school and even work can handle. However, if you can find weekend projects you can complete in your yard, you can feel a sense of accomplishment because you were able to spend time and finish the project that you started. Here are a few great backyard projects you can finish up in a single weekend.

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Pull Weeds

There’s a lot to be frustrated about in your teenage years, especially when you are trying to balance your social life, your schoolwork, and an after school job. Working in your yard can be a great way to get out some of your frustration. When you weed your backyard, you immediately start to see a positive difference and you can enjoy your yard more. It also just feels good to make your yard a little more beautiful.

Start a Garden

Whether you love flowers and plants or simply want to grow your own delicious food, starting a garden can be a great idea. If you have never taken care of a garden before, it is a good idea to start small with just a few plants. Try to choose things that you find personally beautiful or tasty so you can enjoy the process more. You also want to make sure that you choose plants that are easy to care for and well suited to your climate. 

Make a Stone Path

When you are working hard on your yard, you don’t want little siblings or anyone to tromp on it and destroy your hard work. Having a stone path can help to make things easier and keep your yard looking great. Putting in a stone path can be an easy project that you can get done in a weekend and still have time to spend with your friends. In fact, you can even invite your friends to help with the project so it can go a little faster and you can have even more fun getting it done.

Create a Patio Space

A patio can be a great place to hang out with your family and your friends during the weekends. And if you don’t currently have a patio or it isn’t very usable, you can take a weekend to put one together. You will want some sort of flooring, great furniture and maybe a little bit of shade. Wood furniture gets damaged in the sun, so you should apply a protective coating to your chairs. If you can pull together all the elements of a great patio, you can have a better space to spend time with the people you love.

Set Up a Hammock

One very easy project is to put together a hammock that you can relax in and read or just take a nap. You can get a hammock that is built with its own frame, or you can choose one that you can suspend between a couple of trees or posts in your yard. It should be a very quick project so you can actually spend the rest of the weekend hanging out in your new hammock. Make sure to position it well so you can take advantage of nice weather and really relax in your home. You might even like it enough to take your hammocking skills on the road!

Create a Nook for Spending Time with Friends

One of the biggest problems that many teens deal with is finding a little privacy with their friends. If you can create a fun space in your backyard, you can enjoy time with your friends without having to leave your home. You can put together an area in the corner of your yard that is designed for you and your friends to enjoy. A fire pit and some nice outdoor furniture can be a great addition.

Mow the Lawn

Sometimes when you are trying to manage life in your teens, it can be difficult to balance everything you have on your plate and keep your parents happy. Mowing the lawn is a pretty easy project that is sure to keep your parents feeling satisfied, especially if you do it without being asked. Getting into the habit of mowing the lawn weekly can provide immense satisfaction. Mowing the lawn can also give you a chance to listen to some great music or a podcast that you love while getting some exercise in. Take time to mow the lawn so you can complete an easy yet impressive chore while enjoying yourself.

Finding productive ways to spend your weekends can make your teenage life feel a little more meaningful. No matter what projects you tackle, you can make your home feel more like your own space as you invest more in making it work. Whether you do these projects by yourself or with your parents, you can have a great time and build skills.

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