Some amazing video project ideas for students

Long gone are those days when textbooks were the sole option to teach the students. Now video projects have overshadowed the traditional teaching methods and have become a staple in classrooms. 

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Video projects are not only meant for fun viewing, but they also supplement learning and help students to develop story-telling skills.

However, creating a video that can engage students is not as simple as it sounds. Unlike adults who get quickly involved in the shots and background, kids take way more time to develop that attention. 

While creating video projects for students is a fun activity, it’s not always easy to come up with new video project ideas over and over again. But don’t worry about it as we’ve got you covered. Here’s the guide to some of the best and inspiring video projects to draw students’ attention in a jiffy. 

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Give them a video tour.

Is the next geography chapter about some beautiful destination? Wait no more and ask your students to create an engaging video showing the significant locations to give a virtual tour of that particular place. This project draws the students’ attention and helps them understand that destination in a much better way. 

A video tour of the school is also a great way to share the campus details with new students and visitors. Opt for the intuitive online video editor like InVideo and use the readymade templates to create a stunning masterpiece to get the best result. 

Celebrate the Holidays

Nothing is more engaging than creating a video on the list of holidays. Tell them not to forget to explain the reason and importance of the holidays. In addition to this, you can also ask the students to cover their summer vacation in a vlog. This project can be themed around festivals, cultural activities, and other activities.

Create a video portfolio

This project idea is a bit advanced and is ideal for high school students. Most students think about their college applications during this time and, therefore, give them a chance to jumpstart their applications with the portfolio project.

It allows them to know their strengths and the weak areas they need to work on. Tell them to start the video by introducing themselves and then talk about their skills, hobbies, and other talents that they want to showcase to the world. 

Create science experiment videos

Creating videos is not limited to historical or literary moments. Instead of using a traditional approach for performing science experiments in a lab, motivate students to develop their slides to explain the experiment and its findings. From the list of apparatus to the objective of conducting that experiment, the video must contain everything. Tell them not to forget to add the voice-over to make the video more interesting. 

Creating such videos is the best way to encourage the students to learn about STEM principles in an analytical and hands-on manner. 

Share practice records

Tell the students to share their practice videos if they are involved in extracurricular activities like cooking, language learning, dancing, singing, etc. It helps you to learn about the progress of each student. They can easily make video projects of learning or mastering their skills. 

Promoting a good cause

Another creative idea to keep your students engaged is to tell students to create videos promoting a noble cause they believe in. This project helps them in developing persuasive skills and developing their opinions about a particular reason. 

Ask them to share their videos with everyone to let others know about their broad mindset and thinking. Then, since this project video might reach a broader scale, you should tell the students to use the best online video editor to create polished content. 

Record interviews

Getting into the experiences, information, and advice of others is the best way of learning. Tell your students to interview interesting people around them and record their responses in a video. The interview could be in-person or through the webcams. 

Recording interviews can act as learning aids and helps the students to connect with people easily. After recording the video, don’t forget to customize the video and highlight the significant sections. 


So, this is all about some out-of-the-box video project ideas for students. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the same. It’s no wonder that coming up with creative video concepts for students is slightly challenging and involves a bit of extra hard work. But if done correctly, these can reinforce their learning in a whole new way. So, pick any of the ideas mentioned above and make learning a fun experience. 


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