Tips That Will Help You While Doing Lawn Chores

Lawn chores help to keep the lawn looking and functioning its best. When pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, and trimming hedges it is important to do them regularly. Regularly doing chores can also help reduce the amount of time it will take you each time.

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Pull Weeds

Pulling weeds is an important chore that will help keep the yard looking nice and keep your other plants healthy. Weeds will keep growing and can end up taking over. Don’t wait till there are many weeds to do some weeding. Doing a little at a time can help to save some time and make it easier to pull them. When weeds are small, they are easier to pull. A small weed has weak roots which makes them easier to pull. You should make sure to pull the weeds out by the root to fully remove them. Doing a walk around the yard daily and pulling weeds as you see them can help you to keep weed-pulling manageable.

Mowing the Lawn

The right mowing height can keep your lawn healthy. You shouldn’t wait too long to mow your grass or cut it too short. Longer grass can develop a healthier root system which will allow it to get more nutrients and be healthier over time. Having a deeper and thicker root system will also help keep out weeds. You should wait till the lawn is completely dry before mowing. Cutting grass while it is wet can result in an uneven mow. You can even clog your lawn mower if the grass is too wet.

Trim Hedges

Hedges require maintenance to keep them looking nice and keep them healthy. You should trim your hedges at an angle with the top slightly narrower than the bottom so sunlight can reach the root system. You should cut from the bottom to the top of your hedges and make sure not to cut too deep. Different kinds of hedges will need different trimming frequency. Formal hedges need to be maintained three to four times a year, while informal hedges can take a more organic shape and will only need to be trimmed once or twice per year.

Lawn chores are a big job. To help with this, make sure you are doing chores regularly. This way pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, and trimming hedges won’t take as long to maintain and will keep everything healthy and looking great.

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