What Types of New Shoes are Trending Today?


Looking stylish and fashionable can help you feel great the second you step out the door. A look should work from head to toe. The latest in shoes are all about both fun and fashion. Put on a pair of these shoes and you’ll be touch with what’s going on right now.


Wild Colors

Color is in today. Have your new shoes dyed to match your dress. Combine varied shades in a single pair or look for shoes that use multiple colors at the same time. Pick a pair of neon green boots, a lovely pair of sky blue mules or a pair of spiked heels in shocking pink and you’ll be right on trend.


Minimalism in New Shoes

Minimalism is also in fashion right now. Let go of the frills for new shoes that have elegant lines. A single strap and understated back is all you need to show off those perfectly manicured toes and toned calves. A pair of sandals without the ruffles is ideal for the beach.


Sixties Revivals

The sixties are back and in style once again. New shoes in wild colors with swirls of color are just right for the fashionista. Paisley colors and psychedelic hints are today. If you have a pair of shoes from that time go back and put them on. If not, raid the vintage shops and your mother’s closet and you’ll look perfectly in touch with what’s hot. Have fun with the look.


Bring on the Bling

Bling is another trend today. The sparklier the better is the new mantra. Take an old pair of plain shoes and make them modern again. Get out your glue gun and add some bangles to the front and the back for the ideal evening look. Choose a mixture of clear and colored stones for your own original look that is sure to attract attention and admiration.


Calf-High Boots

High boots that cover the calve have been seen on the runways from major designers. You can show off your ability to remain fashion forward and help you enjoy additional height at the same time. A pair of calf-high boots will also help you get added height in the winter and keep your legs warm.


New Shoes Materials

Designers are experimenting with new materials for new shoes. Look past standard leather and you’ll find shoes made from materials such as spandex. Spandex helps you cut an even thinner silhouette.

The biggest key with all of these trends is finding the shoe that best fits. Sometimes that means sacrificing the brand but it is worth it so that you don’t have to see a podiatrist later on.

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