Why Did the Smartwatch Fad Fizzle?

Smartwatches were, at one point, one of the most desirable gadgets on the market. Who wouldn’t want to recreate their own Star Trek episodes with a device that communicated, managed other tech, and more, right from your wrist? The smartwatch was certainly a hit at first, with millions sold within their first weeks on the shelves. However, as quickly as they came into style, smartwatches faded into obscurity. Here are some reasons why smartwatches’ popularity has faded away.

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Limited Functionality

One of the leading features of a smartwatch was that it allowed you to answer phone calls and see who is messaging you. Although these features were certainly beneficial, they were not superior to what an actual phone offered. Many times, the smartwatch had to be connected and in close proximity to your mobile. If this makes you wonder what the point of a smartwatch is, then you’re not alone. Consumers quickly realized this as well and simply went back to using their phones to call and text their family and friends. In addition, app companies were simply not putting out enough content for smartwatches, which led to the limited functionality of the watch.

The Watches Weren’t Great

When it came to being a part of the “Next Big Thing,” everyone wanted a piece of the pie. Apple, along with other companies, quickly raced to see who could produce the best smartwatch at the lowest production cost. This, however, was not a good thing for the consumer as rushed designs and low-quality materials were the results. There was even a lawsuit over their defects that hurt their image. Many of the fitness features, such as the heart-monitoring app, seemed to be simply remade from existing apps and technologies. In some cases, app companies, as well as some doctors, sued Apple and accused the company of taking credit for their work.

Too Expensive

In hopes of keeping this brand alive, many companies refused to lower their prices. Even with all the negative feedback from customers as well as the limited functionality of the watches, they continued to cost a lot. So, what happens when you have a product that nobody wants and nobody can afford? It leads to a decline in sales as well as investments.

The smartwatch was certainly one of the most anticipated gadgets to come out on the market. Everyone wanted one, and they were one of the most popular gifts. However, as time went by, it quickly became apparent that the technology didn’t quite live up to the dreams of users, leaving the smartwatch to fall by the wayside.

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