Why You Shouldn’t Rush Your Morning Routine

Mornings can be crazy as each family member tries to get dressed and out the door for school or work. If you oversleep a little, it throws your whole schedule off. You might be tempted to make mornings easier by rushing your routine or taking shortcuts, but that’s a bad idea.

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You’ll Stress Yourself Out

Rushing through your morning routine produces enormous stress, both mentally and physically. If you’re already worried—say, you have a big project to do—hurrying to get ready is just going to add to your anxiety. And, competing with the bathroom with other family members can result in bad tempers and conflicts.

The physical aspect of stress shouldn’t be overlooked. Stress raises your blood pressure and heart rate. As Hartig Drug points out, the tension can lead to headaches and aggravate conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and digestive issues. Plus, stress makes you sweat, which isn’t good after you’ve just showered or fixed your hair.

You Can Do More Harm Than Good

Cutting a few minutes off your morning routine can do you more harm than good. If you skip over necessary steps or complete them badly, it can have negative consequences. For example, if you don’t brush your teeth and floss thoroughly, it could lead to dental problems in the future.

Another example where cutting corners can be harmful involves your hair. Not towel drying your hair or letting it air dry sufficiently can lead to more dryer time. According to Blake Charles Salon, you should blow dry your hair after it’s 75% dry. Wet hair takes longer to dry, and the high heat of a blower dryer can cause damage to your hair.

You’ll Forget Something

Everyone has rushed out the door on a hectic morning only to find they’ve left something important behind. Preparing the night before might help. Pick out the clothes and shoes you are going to wear, and get all your belongings gathered up and ready to go.

Still, being stressed in the morning can cause you to forget essential parts of your routine, such as taking medication or feeding a pet. Leave yourself enough time in the morning to get everything finished before you leave.

Hitting the snooze button on your alarm might make you feel good temporarily, but in the long run, rushing your morning routine can lead to trouble. Instead, get up and give yourself an extra 15 minutes to enjoy a stress-free and productive morning.

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