Must-Know Health Advice for Young Athletes

It can feel like a lot to juggle when you’re a young athlete. You’re learning time management and lifestyle balance between academics, practice, and ensuring you take care of things at home. But in between all that, staying healthy is critical.

Let’s look at some must-know health advice for young athletes.

Must-Know Health Advice for Young Athletes

Hydration Is Key

Well into adulthood and beyond, you’ll hear about the importance of staying hydrating and drinking plenty of water. It’s best to begin this healthy habit young while you’re still developing. Especially as an athlete, consistently hydrating is a vital component to your performance and vitality.

Rest Is Essential

Understandably, being a young athlete may not leave much room for a proper resting schedule. On top of your extracurricular activities, you’re a student, and that always comes first. Recommended sleep habits consist of at least eight hours per night, and as an athlete, anything over eight hours is a bonus.

Adequate Nutrition

With such a busy schedule, it’s imperative to find a balance in your eating habits. As a student-athlete, protein-rich foods, fruits, and vegetables will fuel your body and provide enough brainpower to juggle everything you do. Avoid any heavy sugars and over-processed foods that can contribute to lethargy and poor muscle functions.

An essential piece of must-know health advice for young athletes is understanding the importance of adequate nutrition. Focusing less on calorie counts and more on the types of foods and frequency of intake will ensure you build healthy habits—for now, and for later.

Safety Gear

Utilizing proper safety gear for your designated sport or activity is critical in preventing injury and protecting yourself. Things like body padding, helmets, and prescription sports goggles are all excellent places to begin protecting yourself. Involving yourself in high-impact sports always comes with a risk, so gearing up for safety can help minimize injuries and accidents.

Remember that you’re a student first and an athlete second. All these habits will help you maintain performance on and off the field. Good luck!

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