After Them Vampire Series Red Carpet Premiere with Txunamy & Diezel Ortiz

Join us on the red carpet as we celebrate the premiere of the highly anticipated vampire series, “After Them”! We caught up with the talented cast, including Txunamy and Diezel Ortiz, to talk about their characters, the making of the show, and what fans can expect from this thrilling new series. From behind-the-scenes stories to their favorite vampire powers, the cast shares it all in this exclusive interview. Don’t miss out on the fun and get ready to sink your teeth into “After Them”!

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Host @abryelle.wilson


Txunamy @txunamy

Mason McNulty @mason.mcnulty

Jaleena Rodriguez @jaleenadrodriguez

Ryker Baloun @rykerbaloun1

John Omohundro @johnomohundro

Alyssa Lima @alyssamarielima

Diezel Ortiz @diezelortiz

Ashley Ray Keefe @ashleyraykeefe

Alexa Reddy @alexareddy

Carolina Rezende @carolinarezende

Paulina Rezende @paulinarezende_

Caitlin Kim @caitlinkim.official

Angelina Divine @angelinadivine

Carlos Lopez @carlosariellopez

Kolby Mitchell @kolbyrosstheactor

James Garcia @jamesgcomedy

Sherry Kear @sherry_kear_official_

Devin Reeve @devinreeve

Almanya Narula @almanyanarula

Jolene Angelique @jolene__angelique

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Reagan To @reagan_to

Kaido Lee Roberts @kaidoleeroberts

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Kacey Fifield @kaceyfifield

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