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5 Fast Facts about singer Bailey Marie

Bailey Marie is an emerging pop artist from North Carolina. She likes to writes songs about empowerment to encourage teens and has performed multiple times at the legendary Apollo Theater in NYC.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Bailey Marie!

Her goal isn’t to get filthy rich and famous.

I want to reach kids/teens my age through my music and hopefully inspire them to work hard and achieve whatever goals they have set for themselves.

She’s not much of a fan girl, except for ONE person.

I am not much of a fan girl but……if I were to ever meet Millie Bobbie Brown I would definitely be starstruck and for that moment I would definitely be a fan girl!!!

One of her photo ops turned out quite, um, “breezy.”

My most embarrassing moment would probably be the time that I pulled up to do a show and tons of kids kinda flocked to me as I entered the building and I stopped to take a picture with someone and realized after that my zipper was down…….OMG!

People can’t believe her age.

I get this everywhere I go….”OMG you are only 12?”  Yes, I just turned 12

She’ll pass on the pork skin, thank you.

I’m actually allergic to shellfish so I can’t eat that but one food that I could eat but NEVER will is pork rinds….ewwww totally disgusting!

5 Fast Facts about actor Di Vinci SanTana

L.A. native Di Vinci SanTana started in theater at seven years old and progressed to television with his first role on Judge Hatchett as Adam Shuler, the son of the plaintiff. Just recently, he was the star of Jeneen Robinson’s short I’m 13 Yo! and will soon appear in South Central Love by Emmy-nominated Christian Cooper. He also has some music in the works!

Here’s 5 fast facts about Di Vinci.

He not only acts but also has a song in his latest project.

My most special showbiz moment is booking the role as “Josh” in South Central Love and getting my song “OK” played in the movie and on the soundtrack.

If not an actor, he would be an athlete.

If I wasn’t a performer, I would be a Professional Lacrosse Player.

He has experienced the bane of teenagers at the worst moment.

My most embarrassing moment is when I tried to sing at a party and my voice cracked.

He’s got a surprising hobby.

One thing people don’t know about me is that I fence.

No tentacles for him, thanks.

I would NEVER eat octopus!


Early Morning self-care

5 Fast Facts about TikTok star Connor Lipe

Connor Lipe was born June 19th, 2004 in Chicago, IL. He is a social media influencer with a current following of over 960,000 fans on the popular platform TikTok. Connor began posting on TikTok back in 2016 and had 1.9 million fans on his previous account until it got hacked. Since then he has built his following back up to over 950,000 fans.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Connor!

Haters don’t faze him.

I feel like my personal superpower is being able to do what I love to do without anybody else caring. In the beginning of posting on social media, I would always receive hate on how people didn’t like what I posted. And in the end, I ended up realizing that it was ok if people didn’t like who you are. Because even though somebody may not like you, there’s plenty of more people out there who do like who you are. 

He really just wants everyone to get along.

If I had the power to pass one law for everybody to follow, I would pass a law that required everybody to treat others how they’d want to be treated. The reason I chose this is because one day you may never know how somebody’s day may be going, which means one mean comment could possibly ruin somebody’s day. Which is why I would pass a law for treating others equally.

An escalator he was messing with wasn’t having any of it.

The most embarrassing that has happened to me is the time I tripped on the escalator inside of a mall. One day, two other friends and I had decided to go to the mall to do some shopping. As we approached the escalator, I had remembered that I had seen a video of somebody stopping an escalator with their foot. My friends and I had stopped to rewatch the video to see how to do it. We voted that I was the one chosen to make the escalator stop. When I put my foot down to stop it, the escalator wouldn’t stop how I thought it would and I tripped and fell in front of everybody who was on the escalator. After that, my friends and I decided not to try again and ran away as soon as we could.

Suprisingly, he is more outgoing in real life than online.

Something that people would be surprised to know about me is that, I can be different in person rather than who people see me as online. A lot of people see me as somebody who may be a little more quiet online however, when they meet me in person I can be a lot more outgoing or willing to do more things.

There is one particular item from his childhood he loves the most.

As a kid, I always had this one tiger stuffed animal that I was never willing to give away or share with anybody. I remember always wanting to bring it out in public or just around the house but I always had to have it with me.

5 Fast Facts about singer & actor Will B

Will B is an actor, singer and songwriter who has toured around the United States multiple times, including opening for Jojo Siwa. In addition to appearing in John Legend’s music video “Preach,” he has a few movies coming to theaters and Netflix, and is also working on a new EP!

You can check out his latest song “Just Let It End” on all music platforms:

Here’s 5 fast facts about Will B!

He likes to do it his way.

Well this isn’t much advice — it was more of a way of teaching — but a lot of coaches for singing and acting like to show you how to say the lines or how to sing the song. And you want to be YOU. Don’t let anyone show you how to say it or sing it cause you want it to come from you, your style. They can give you suggestions but don’t ever just let them give it to you the easy way. Make it your own!

The first time he ever performed he was ____________.

Excited. I love performing, and I remember my first performance I did. I was a bit nervous but I was mostly excited and ready to show the world my music.

He and his dad caused some mischief in a mall once.

One time my family and I were at a mall and my dad I were dancing and we ran into this HUGE clothing rack and knocked it down. My family left us so fast cause they were so embarrassed as my dad and I were putting it all back up. I think its so funny now.

If it’s terrifying, he likes it.

I love horror stuff. I watch like every scary movie that comes out and I go to every amusement park in Oct. to go to mazes and stuff. I love scary stuff so much!!

Speaking of scary stuff, check out his spooky video, perfect for Halloween!

Snapchat’s got a grip on him.

I once uninstalled Snapchat cause of an update I was mad at, but also cause I was using it too much, but then the next day I realized I missed it too much sooo … I re-downloaded it, haha.



5 Fast Facts with actor Avery Davis

Avery Davis begun his acting career at age 7, his first job being a Shakespeare Camp infomercial.  Along with being an actor he is also a runway model, print model, GenZ Ambassador and social media influencer, and just booked his biggest project ever (can’t share details yet, follow his Instagram for announcement!)

Here’s 5 fast facts about Avery!

Photo: Nubian Princess

He worked on a Marvel movie — but he has no idea which.

My most special showbiz moment was working on an untitled Marvel movie, we still dont know what it was.

His plan B sounds fun.

If I wasn’t a performer I would be a video game streamer. 

He messed up an audition by ___________.

Most embarrassing IRL moment was signing in on the wrong audition.

He’s got a talent few know about.

Something that people would be surprised to know is that I play bass guitar. 

He’s not a fan of legumes.

One food I will refuse to eat is beans.

Can we get a selfie?

Social Media Handles:

Avery DavisAvery DavisAvery DavisAvery Davis

5 Fast Facts about actress Kayden Swan

Kayden Swan  was born on November 30, 2007 in Long Beach, CA and started acting at age nine. In addition to appearing in several regional and national commercials, she made her first print appearance on the cover of the iconic American Girl Magazine in summer of 2018. 

Kayden’s film debut was Her Only Choice (2017) as the role of Aubrey. She has gone on to have several co-star roles on television, including the ABC pilot, Nana (2019), Queen Sugar-OWN Network (2019) and A Black Lady Sketch Show -HBO(2019).  Kayden is actively involved with Girl Scouts and is a Cadets, working on her Silver Award.

Here’s 5 fast facts about Kayden!

She’s worked with a very big name in show biz.

My most special show biz moment was being on the set of Queen Sugar in New Orleans with Ava DuVernay!!

Her plan B could be very lucrative.

I would definitely be a lawyer. I think I’d win every case!!

Her most embarrassing moment was when she managed to accidentally do something you probably never thought possible

For sure it was when I got a nickel stuck to the roof of my mouth and had to go the ER to get it removed.  Did I mention I was 10 years old!!

Something about her teeth doesn’t add up.

That I have lost all my teeth 3 times!

She cannot deal with ‘shrooms.

I absolutely refuse to eat mushrooms!! They are a fungus for goodness sake!!

Keepin’ It Real Selfie:

Morning hair…Don’t care!! And slept in my Lacrosse uniform 🤣  

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Kayden Grace Kayden Grace

5 Fast Facts with performer La’Ron Hines

La’Ron Hines is an actor/model/ recording artist/singer/songwriter from North Hollywood, CA.  He has been working in the entertainment business since about eight years old. Currently, he works as a model for Hollister Co. and collabs with Fashion Nova as well.

La’Ron recently released his single “Lit” which is available on all streaming platforms. Lit was also used in the newly released movie “Next Level.” You can stream it here:

Here’s 5 fast facts about La’Ron!

His favorite showbiz moment so far is going on tour.

One of my most special moments I have had the opportunity to experience is my first opportunity to go on tour.   The tour allowed me the opportunity to show off my skills on stage and it also allowed me the opportunity to get better at my craft.  I went to 17 different cities and it was a moment to remember.  I was able to engaged with current fans and definitely got the opportunity to gain more.

He’s never been bullied!

I personally haven’t experienced being bullied.  Of course, I have had some things said to me that I didn’t necessary like, but nothing that I would consider being bullied because it was never a repeated behavior by one single person.  So, I must admit, I am very thankful that my parents taught me how to handle people in such a way that it never got a chance to lead to being bullied.

The best advice I can give to anyone being bullied is always reach out to an adult.  Even if you are scared of what the bully might do because you talk to an adult, do it anyway.  Most times the adult can put an immediate end to the bullying.  But I also strongly recommend that you should always be yourself and never change to conform to someone just to avoid being bullied.

He almost lost a finger because he liked a girl.

My most embarrassing moment that I can remember the most is the time I saw a very cute girl as I was getting out of my uber.  Of course, I was trying to get out in a hurry so that I could find a way to make conversation with her and as I was getting out, I wasn’t watching what I was doing and slammed my finger in the door.  The pain was unreal and of course I was so embarrassed.  After that, I couldn’t find the nerve to approach the girl.  I just hurried inside so I could experience the pain in private.  It hurt so bad.

He’s fitness goals.

I use to weigh 290 pounds in when I was in grades 8th-10th grade.  Once I decided to pursue my career further, I knew I needed to lose weight to be able to perform on stage and deal with all the running around that goes with this career.  So, I took it upon myself to focus on a diet and workout plan and I managed to lose 100 pounds!  And yes, I feel good and plan to lose a few more.

He did something almost IMPOSSIBLE for any teenager to do.

I deleted snapchat because I used it entirely too much.  I found myself to consumed in snap streaks and trying to compete with others just to have a high number of streaks.


Tik Tok:         laronhinesoffical




5 Fast Facts about actress Skyler Philpot

Skyler Elyse Philpot is a 9 year old who has been acting and modeling since she was 4 years old.  Skyler has a recurring role as Steffi on the upcoming Netflix episodic, Raising Dion, premiering on October 4th. She will also be in the feature film, Hour of Lead, releasing in 2020

Here’s 5 fast facts about Skyler!

She enjoyed spending time with a vampire once.

My favorite on-set experience so far has been working with Peter Fascinelli (from the Twilight saga) on Hour of Lead. I liked working with him because he was the director, writer and acted in the film. I was able to learn so much from him. Also his actual wife was my fake mom and she was so much fun too.

Showbiz scheduling is kind of a problem for her beauty sleep.

I love everything about acting! But if I had to choose one thing I am least fond of it is probably having to be up before the sun rises on set or working through the night for shoots. I like my sleep!

You know the kid you’ve read about that got a bead stuck up her nose, and you wonder “Who would do that?” Well, that’s her.

Hmmm…my most embarrassing moment in real life. I don’t really have an embarrassing moment, but when I was in 3K I stuck a bead up my nose during our Halloween Party, had to go to the doctor to get it out because no one at school could get it and they were afraid they would shove it up further. I missed most of our Halloween Party!!! It’s really funny now.

She has many interests!

I twirl baton and also yodel. My favorite color is orange and I love Vincent VanGogh’s painting Starry Nights (it was even the theme of my 7th birthday party)…And I also want to be a French Pastry Chef in Paris when I grow up!

While she won’t eat shrimp, she does have a killer Chicken Noodle Soup–Pickle–Mango thing going on.

I refuse to eat shrimp because my mom and grandma are allergic and we haven’t taken the test for me yet to see if I am allergic or not so I can’t eat it. But it smells very good.  My favorite foods are Chicken Noodle Soup, dill pickles (not sweet, yuck) and mangos. I can eat them all together in one meal, but not like in a smoothie. That would be disgusting!

Skyler collects Harley-Davidson poker chips and rides with her dad. She has been to over 100 different H-D stores from coast to coast so far and still going! This is her most recent stop in the OC (Orange County).

IG: @skylerelysephilpot

TW: @bphilpot25





5 Fast Facts about singer MicahBlu

MicahBlu is currently on the “Back to School” High School Nation Tour as the headliner, featuring her Urban Pop style. The Atlanta-based singer/songwriter/dancer wrote her first song at age 9!

She has a very striking appearance — focused on the color blue of course. From her bio:

Blu is known for her bold blue hair, blue lips, blue nails and blue shoes! What she makes a point to say is that the blue is more than a color. For MicahBlu- Blue is more of a feeling… it’s a vibe. It represents her creative happy place and when and how she discovered and nurtured her love for music as a very little girl.

When she was a little girl, she had a little blue play room off of her bedroom. In there she spent hours at a time lining up her dolls and performing for them. She wrote her first song in this room and when she was writing and exploring, she was staring at the blue wall and even though she didn’t realize the meaning at the time that was actually the beginning of her blue journey.

Check out the video for her song “Jealous” here: https://www.y

Here’s 5 fast facts about MicahBlu!

There is one moment in her career which really stands out for her.

So far one of the most special moments was making my music video Do or Die.  I don’t know but at that moment I felt as though my dreams were finally coming true. I was like excited and teary all at the same time.

She’s got good advice for anyone being bullied.

Yea I’ve been bullied before, I would say I believe most bullies are so insecure they try to target other people to make themselves feel better.  If you are being bullied tell someone immediately.  Don’t just let people think its okay to mistreat you.  We deserve better than that! 

There is one cringey memory which still haunts her…

 My most embarrassing moment in my life was when I tripped and fell on my face during lunch.  EVERYONE laughed and I’m pretty sure I still have PTSD…

She sometimes gives off the wrong impression.

Because I’m so quiet initially people think I’m mean or shy.  I just like to get to know people before opening up.  I’m actually super goofy and a little awkward at times OH and I LOVE scary movies. 

There is one must-have in her purse.

I ALWAYS carry blue lipstick!

* Can we please get an unpublished selfie of whatever you are doing right now to keep it real for the fans? : ) 

This is a photo of me RIGHT NOW as real as it gets lol.  This is me after the show in my hotel room answering these questions. 😊

5 Fast Facts about singer and actor Erich Schuett

Erich Schuett started performing in front of crowds at age five, and by the age of nine he was already singing, dancing, and acting in competitive engagements. Erich’s accomplishments include: played Friedrich for the Broadway 50th Anniversary National Tour of The Sound of Music; finalist in the American Protégé International Vocal Competition; sang at Carnegie Hall Stern Auditorium; 2018 Honors Performance Series Sydney Opera House Finalist; 2017 Grammy consideration for his first professional recording “A Christmas Presence.”

Erich’s first feature film 18 TO PARTY is premiering at the Woodstock Film Festival, Friday October 4th at 9:30PM at Upstate Films in Woodstock and Sunday October 6th at 3:15PM at the Rosendale Theatre in Rosendale.

Here are 5 fast facts about Eric Schuett!

He started with a classical approach.

Singing is a craft I have worked on seriously since the age 9 and I continue to grow every day. The one piece of advice I can give would be to practice. It makes a huge difference and never force anything. There’s no one thing that can make you a singer overnight.  I was also told by my first voice teacher Mr. Craig Wich that I should start with classical study, that it would help me grow and develop safely.  In my opinion it was a game changer and I still sing and study opera.   

He’s got advice for kids who are being bullied.

Oh of course, I used to get bullied all the time. People would always make fun of me for what I did. They thought it was all fake and I was so full of myself. And to be honest, I’m really not. I love helping others and to those of you who are being bullied try to ignore it and know some people are not happy and want to hurt others.  If they continue, get some of evidence of it, (like a video or audio recording or pictures) and show it to a teacher and tell your parents.        

He’s got a good attitude about mistakes.

Most? I’ve had a ton. I’m honestly a walking embarrassment half the time. One of the worst was when I was singing for a cabaret and I cracked on almost every single high note. It was mortifying, my voice was just starting to change.  I kept on singing and finished the song strong and was able to laugh after, life is never a game of perfect!        

Rust Bros is probably high on his list of shows to watch.

I’m a huge car guy. I love working on and driving cars. its such a far cry from singing, but hey, its what I like!  I became obsessed when I was younger watching hot wheels cartoons and collecting the cars, I have thousands of them today.       

He’s got ONE little-bitty communication challenge.

Talking over people. I do it ALL the time but its not intentional. Usually I do it when I’m really excited for something and want to tell everyone right away.  When I was younger in school they called it a blurt alert!