Comfort and Confidence: How BRABAR is Revolutionizing Teen Bra Shopping

After several frustrating bra shopping experiences with Maddie in high school, her 15-year-old daughter, Wendy Herman, an intimate fashion industry veteran who worked for brands including Calvin Klein Underwear, said there must be a better inclusive product, educational information, and positive experience to shop for bras.

Taking matters into her own hands, she founded BRABAR, a revolutionary brand caatering to teen girls and young women who seek the utmost in comfort and support from wireless bras.

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Let’s find out more about BRABAR!

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What inspired you to create this brand?

BRABAR was founded to educate teen girls about bra fit and the importance of wearing the right size bra, which is essential for comfort and confidence. The brand was inspired by the need to create a supportive, comfortable, and size-inclusive option for young women, emphasizing self-love and body positivity.

Teens and young women love BRABAR wireless bras, and these wire-free bras are available in Band Sizes 28-38 and AA-DDD/F cup sizes. At BRABAR, a bralette and sports bra had a baby, creating the dreamiest, comfiest, and most supportive wireless bras. Their size-friendly fits are perfect for micro and macro boobies and fit girls, teens, and young women across cup sizes AA – DDD/F and band sizes 28-38. No wires, only comfort.

Wireless bras are designed for teens and are loved by petite and full-busted girls. Boobs have many shapes and sizes, and comfort is the foundation of confidence. We make comfortable wire-free bras for girls of all cup sizes. The inception of BRABAR was driven by a desire to address a gap in the junior bra market, focusing on creating a brand that promotes comfort, self-love, and confidence among young women. Inspired by the personal challenges of bra shopping, the founder sought to develop a solution to alleviate the frustration many girls and their mothers face.

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What unmet needs in the junior bra market did you identify, and how does BRABAR address them?

BRABAR identified a gap in the market for comfortable, supportive bras explicitly designed for teenagers and young women. Many teens and young women struggle to find bras that fit correctly, leading to discomfort and a lack of confidence. BRABAR addresses this by offering various sizes and emphasizing proper fit. BRABAR identified that the junior bra market often overlooked the importance of proper fit, comfort and the psychological impact of bra shopping on young women. By focusing on these areas, BRABAR aims to transform the bra-buying experience into a positive one, ensuring each girl finds her perfect fit without compromise.

Tell us about your personal experiences with frustrating bra shopping. How did those moments shape BRABAR’s mission?

It’s clear that the frustration with the traditional bra shopping experience, particularly the challenge of finding bras that fit well and feel comfortable, inspired BRABAR’s mission to simplify this process for young women. The founder’s experiences finding bras that fit well and feel good laid the groundwork for BRABAR’s mission. These personal moments highlighted the widespread issue of ill-fitting bras 8/10 and the negative impact on self-esteem, driving the brand to prioritize comfort and a positive self-image.

What core values drive BRABAR?

BRABAR is driven by values of self-love, confidence, inclusivity, and education. The brand aims to empower young women by providing products that make them feel comfortable and confident. The founder’s experiences finding the widespread issue of ill-fitting bras and knowing the negative impact on self-esteem drove the brand to prioritize comfort and self-love over body image.

At its heart, BRABAR is driven by core values of empowerment, comfort, and inclusivity. The brand believes in nurturing a supportive community where young women can learn to appreciate their bodies and confidently embrace their true selves. Recognizing that their bodies are a small component of the individual who has strengths, weaknesses, dreams, passions, accomplishments, failures, mind, body, and soul, it’s a small part of who they are and who they dream to become. 

How does BRABAR promote self-love and confidence among young women?

BRABAR promotes these ideals by offering a product line encouraging young women to appreciate their minds, strengths, and bodies. BRABAR helps girls feel good in their skin by focusing on comfort and bra fit. Through its products and messaging, BRABAR invites young women to recognize their worth beyond physical appearances. The brand’s commitment to comfort and proper fit builds self-esteem and fosters a healthy self-image.

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In a competitive market, what sets BRABAR apart from other intimate apparel brands?

BRABAR differentiates itself by focusing on the teenage and young adult market. It offers comfortable and supportive bras designed to fit the unique needs of younger women and sizes, including bra and band sizes not readily available, and sustainable ez-fit functionality. The brand’s emphasis on education and proper fitting further sets it apart, including its dedication to the well-being of its customers, focusing on creating bras that fit well and support young women’s emotional and psychological needs. This holistic approach distinguishes BRABAR in a competitive market.

Could you elaborate on the unique features or design elements that make BRABAR bras stand out?

It’s in the FIT and the yarn choices. Experience the softness and support of Wire-free Bras featuring smooth cups, removable padding, fully adjustable straps, and 3-hook back closures. Enjoy the unparalleled comfort of our unlined and ultra-comfy bralettes and bra tops knitted with super-soft, sustainable yarns—everything BRABAR designed with Seamless Construction — the most eco-conscious manufacturing method. Proudly produced in WRAP Certified facilities, our products boast Confidence in Textiles per the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and align with the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI Certified Facilities), ensuring ethical, sustainable, and high-quality production.

BRABAR’s emphasis on wire-free designs, comfortable materials, and various sizes, including options for curvy figures, highlights its commitment to comfort and inclusivity. BRABAR bras stand out due to their thoughtful design, emphasizing ease of wear, support, and versatility. Features like wireless construction, adjustable fits, and styles that cater to various preferences and activities underscore the brand’s commitment to comfort and functionality. 

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What age group does BRABAR primarily cater to, and why?

BRABAR primarily targets teenage girls and young women, recognizing the need for age-appropriate, comfortable, and supportive bras during these formative years. The target demo is high school, college-age teens and women 13 years to 25 years old, plus every woman open to a wire-free experience. BRABAR primarily caters to teen girls and young women, recognizing this demographic’s unique challenges and needs in finding comfortable, supportive bras designed for them during their formative and adult years. 

How do you ensure that BRABAR products are comfortable and supportive for teens and women?

Through its focus on proper fit, including band and cup size education and soft, high-quality materials, BRABAR ensures its products meet the comfort and support needs of its target demographic. By leveraging high-quality materials, innovative designs, and feedback from its community, BRABAR ensures that every product meets the highest standards of comfort and support, catering to the diverse needs of teens and women. 8 out of 10 girls are wearing the wrong size bra, so let’s make sure you get yours right.

BRABAR PHILOSOPHY A bra should fit like a strapless bra, hugging your ribcage, not hanging from your shoulders. The EZ-fit method teaches girls to find the correct band measurement, which is essential to a proper fit.

Steps for the THE E-Z FIT METHOD.

  1. MEASURE RIBCAGE Measure around directly under the bust & around the rib cage. YOUR RIB CAGE MEASUREMENT = BAND SIZE Round to the nearest even whole number to determine your band size.
  2. MEASURE OVERBUST Measure around directly over the total bust & around the back.
  3. BUST-BAND=CUP, so YOUR OVERBUST MEASUREMENT minus YOUR BAND SIZE equals CUP SIZE in inches. i.e 32 underbust and 36 overbust. 32 Band and 36-32 + 4 inches or D cup, size 32D.
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Are there any sustainability initiatives or ethical practices integrated into BRABAR’s production process?

Knitted with super-soft, sustainable yarns—everything BRABAR designed with Seamless Construction — the most eco-conscious manufacturing method. BRABAR considers sustainable practices and ethical production methods essential, aligning with their values of responsibility and care for their consumers. BRABAR is mindful of its environmental impact and moral obligations, incorporating sustainable practices and materials wherever possible, reflecting a commitment to its customers and the planet. BRABAR offers one bra purchased as one bra donated, and for every bra purchased, one bra will be donated to a girl in need via

We believe in a better today and a better tomorrow. We joined Greenspark to ensure that BRABAR positively impacts our planet and its people. We plant one tree, rescue ten water bottles, and offset 30kgs of CO2 for every order placed. Public Ledger Every quarter, we provide all the impact evidence’s funding has contributed to. Because certifications and transparency matter, we proudly share the 15,140 plastic bottles rescued, 44.74 tonnes of CO2 offset, 2,149 trees planted and earth-positive, and our continued business plans to support climate projects.

What challenges did you face as an entrepreneur while establishing BRABAR?

Establishing BRABAR involved challenges common to new businesses, such as market entry, brand differentiation, and educating consumers about the brand’s unique value proposition. Establishing BRABAR came with its challenges, from navigating the complexities of the intimate apparel market to ensuring the brand’s values were accurately reflected in every product. Ensuring that the BRABAR brand is represented authentically and that these challenges and aspects are managed have been instrumental in shaping BRABAR’s journey and success.

What advice do you have for young women/teens who want to start their own businesses?

A general suggestion would be to believe in your mission, understand your audience deeply, and persist through challenges with resilience and innovation. Wendy, the founder of BRABAR, encourages young women and teens to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams with resilience, emphasizing the importance of passion, perseverance, and staying true to one’s values.

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What’s the most valuable feedback have you received from customers, especially teens and their mothers?

Feedback from teens and their mothers centers on BRABAR’s difference in confidence and comfort, highlighting the importance of education, self-love, proper fit, and the brand’s positive impact. Feedback from teens and their mothers has been invaluable, highlighting the positive effects of wearing the right bra on confidence and self-image. Such insights continue to inspire BRABAR’s mission and innovations.

Could you share any success stories or memorable moments related to BRABAR?

Success stories include testimonials from customers who’ve found confidence and comfort with BRABAR’s products, contributing to the brand’s growth and loyalty. Stories from satisfied customers detailing how BRABAR has transformed their perception of bras. Self-love and their relationships with their body and body image stand as testaments to the brand’s positive influence and fulfilling its mission.

What’s on the horizon for BRABAR? Any exciting plans for expansion or new product lines?

BRABAR aims to expand its product, size range, and footprint, enter new markets, and launch new initiatives that further the mission of empowering young women through comfortable and supportive bras. The horizon for BRABAR is bright, with plans for expansion into new product lines and continued focus on empowering the next generation of young women. The brand remains dedicated to innovation, sustainability, and fostering a community of confident, self-assured individuals.

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