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Indi Star is a multifaceted actress, singer, dancer, model, and content creator. This year, she has already released two new singles and music videos: “Afterglow” and “Exposed,” which centers around finding the strength to open your heart to a new relationship after heartbreak. Best known for her role as “Kimmie” in Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger, Indi can also be seen as series regular in the new Brat TV’s series, Charmers about a coven of teen witches attempting to defeat an evil demon with their powers.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Indi began dancing at age three and is trained in tap, ballet, hip hop, and jazz funk. At eight years old, Indi relocated to Los Angeles and began training at Gray Studios drama school. A few years later, Indi had her first Hollywood media appearance — right here on Teens Wanna Know! (at her sister Azalea’s release party where we interviewed the guests, scroll down to watch the vid).

TWK was just the beginning, as she later became part of Kidz Bop, and can now be seen as a recurring dancer in Netflix’s popular dramedy Dead To Me (2020). In other news, she recently wrapped filming her role as “Young Vista” opposite Cary Elwes in the upcoming feature film The Hyperions (set to release in February 2022). 

Keep scrolling to find out more about Indi in her Q&A with TWK!

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“Afterglow” | “Afterglow” Music Video | “Exposed” | “Exposed” Music Video 

Indigo Star Carey7

Hello Indi, nice to chat again! For those unfamiliar with you, tell us a little bit about yourself and your background outside of the world of showbiz.

Hiiii!! It’s Indi Star and I want to thank you so much for having me again! I was born and raised in Cape Cod, MA until I was 8 when my family and I moved to Los Angeles so I could pursue the entertainment industry. Besides singing, acting and dancing, I love skateboarding, video games and I am a big foodie!

Tell us about your new single “Exposed” and why do you think people are going to relate to it?

“Exposed” is about opening your heart to someone new after you have been heartbroken by someone else. Everyone at one point or another can suffer with heartbreak, whether by friends, family or a significant other. “Exposed” talks about the struggle of wondering if this time will be different or more of the same.

Indigo Star Carey10

What’s your songwriting process like? Do you sit with someone in a studio, or do you write the words by yourself in a private moment? What helps you focus?

I write my songs in the studio with my producers. Sometimes we have a music track first and write to the music. We just come up with a topic or situation to write about and just start brainstorming and coming up with chorus, verses and melodies until it all comes together into a song! 

What’s the best part about being involved in an influencer “squad” and what did you like least about it?

Hmmmmm…Squads are very tricky. The first squad I joined I was so excited about because I thought I was going into a big group of kids who I would instantly bond with and have this great group of friends. It’s not really like that at all. My family and I were very surprised at all the politics in play in a formal squad. It is really more about a working relationship than a friendship.

If there is one thing you miss most about your Kidz Bop days, it would be:

Kidz Bop was a great experience for me and taught me a lot! They were very structured, and we accomplished a ton! I think what I miss most is the amazing training on a constant basis. We trained in vocals, dance and stage presence. That really helped me grow as an artist.

I know you probably can’t say much about it, but what was your experience like filming the upcoming superhero movie The Hyperions starring Carey Elwes?

It was such a great experience for me to be on such a large project. The cast and crew were very professional and were very fun to work with. I remember being on set, under the lights and in front of the cameras and crew and just thinking to myself that this is what I wanted to do with my life. I always enjoyed acting and entertainment but, in that moment, it really became my passion.

Which collab with other influencers has been your favorite so far and why is it your favorite?

My favorite collabs are with my actual friends. My friends and I love to make TikToks and Reels and I think our honest true friendships can be seen when we are creating together. I mean, most of my friends are content creators, actors, musicians and such just because we are all in the same circle, so that does help as well!

Favorite moment working with Brat TV, and do you have anything else coming up with them?

I LOVED working with Brat TV. The crew was amazing. I love the concept, setting and plot of Charmers and Paris, my character, was a fun and challenging role for me. I was extremely lucky to be cast in a show that a lot of my friends were cast on as well! I also made a lot of new friends through the Charmers series. I am hoping that Charmers gets picked up for Season 2! I think Paris has a lot more to say!

What most inspires you to create?

My biggest inspiration for creating is connecting with the people who listen or watch my content. I get so many messages from fans who say how my content has really personally touched them and that they connect with my message. I love that.

Indigo Star Carey4

Overall goal in the entertainment industry?

Right now, I am really concentrating on my music. My main goal for my music is to get signed by a label and go on tour. I am still heavily involved with acting as well and I am hoping to get more into the modeling world as well.

Best advice you have gotten so far in your career?

Work hard and learn to take critique. Critique can either be taken as criticism or as an opportunity to learn. I try to learn and grow as much as I can. 

Biggest pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve is when people lie to me or be sneaky, especially people I am supposedly close to. 

What’s your “get pumped” song?

Hmmmmm…One of my get pumped songs would be “What the Hell” by Avril Lavigne.

Indigo Star Carey5

Secret fear?

My secret fear is being alone, not just lonely alone but like last person on earth alone. That gives me the shivers!

Your older sister Azalea is also an influencer – what do you most have in common with her, and what is the LEAST thing in common with her?

Haha! We do have similarities but have a lot of differences! We are both really into the arts and music. Azalea is definitely more edgy than me. She likes dark colors, and I am a bright color girl! We annoy each other a lot but we are definitely each other’s best friend!

Tell me something people would be surprised to know about you.

I think people may be surprised to know that I am actually really shy. It really takes me a long time to warm up to new people. I’m not really shy once I am comfortable with someone, but I am definitely shy when I first meet someone new.

The one thing I cannot live without is:

The one thing I cannot live without is my family. Also, my phone so I guess that’s two things.

Tell me ONE food you REFUSE to eat and why?

I love most all foods and I love trying new foods but for some reason I cannot stand Swiss Cheese. I actually like cheese in general but for some reason, I cannot handle Swiss Cheese.

What else are you working on or have coming up next?

I am hoping to have one more song and music video released this year. Also, I am hoping to be able to do more work with Brat TV. I also am working towards getting more involved in the modeling world.

Could we get a quick selfie of whatever you are doing right now?

Screen Shot 2021 10 11 at 3.52.08 AM

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