What to Work Out Before Your Post-Graduation Trip

Graduation is a big deal and it’s important to take time to enjoy yourself and celebrate with your friends. Some people choose to totally improvise their post-graduation trip, but it will work out better for everyone if you spend at least a little time planning before you leave. That way you and your friends can have a great trip and not have to stress about the details once you’re on the road.

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The first thing you need to make sure you cover is the lodging. You want to reserve a hotel or other lodging that has enough room for everyone in your party. Some hotels have age restrictions on guests, so it is important that you choose a space that will be welcoming to you and your group. It can be fun to do a beach house or other temporary rental that will allow your whole group to hang out in the same common areas. Do your research so you can get a good deal on an amazing place to stay.


You also want to make sure that you have transportation wherever you are going. If you are road tripping this is much easier since you can use your own vehicle. In big cities, you can always plan to use public transport or rideshares. But if you are staying somewhere else, you may need to rent a car. The only states that let you rent a car at 18 are New York and Michigan. However, if you have an adult on the trip with you, you can get a rental more easily. It’s important to think about those options before you start spending money on your trip.

Plan Some Activities

You don’t have to plan every second of your trip, but it helps to have a few ideas for activities you could do. This will help you to have ideas on hand if you get bored and prevent you from wasting time being indecisive about what to do. Let everyone get involved in coming up with a list of activities so that the trip is fun for all of your friends. Then once you arrive, you can figure out which options you want to make sure you get done.

Your post graduation trip should be a time for you and your friends to celebrate together and have a good time. You can choose a location that is perfect for your group and the things you love to do. And together you can make amazing memories!

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