College Not for You? What You Can Do Instead

As graduation is nearing, you may feel as if college is inevitable. Throughout high school, everything a student does tends to point towards further education, as if that is the inevitable option. But while going to college can be a wonderful opportunity and betters the lives of many people, it isn’t the only road to success. Here are three other options when college just isn’t right for you.

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Go to a Trade School

If you are more of a hands-on learner rather than a scholar, going to trade school may be a great option for you. Trade schools are postsecondary forms of education that teach you a trade. They are much faster and hands-on compared to traditional colleges and universities. Within only a year or two, a trade school will allow you to develop a special skill so that you can start working right out of high school. Examples of trades include landscaping, plumping, carpentry, etc.

Get an Online Certificate

An online certificate is another educational path that, like trade school, removes all of the fluff and expense of a traditional postsecondary school. To get a certificate, you take a specialized course in a skill. Many universities and private companies offer such courses, and they often take no longer than a year to complete. An online certificate can land you a job in a wide variety of fields, like law enforcement, online teaching, or real estate. However, be aware that a real estate course should follow your state’s requirements for the industry.

Become an Entrepreneur

Do you already have a special skill? Then perhaps you should jump right into entrepreneurship, or starting a business. In fact, this is something that you don’t have to wait until graduation for. As long as you manage your risks, entrepreneurship can offer what a regular job can’t: flexibility, endless money-making potential, and greater control over your job. So, if you have a great idea or a skill to share, try starting your own business today so that it can follow you after high school.

If all of your friends are planning to go to college, but you feel like college isn’t quite right for you, don’t be discouraged. This article has only touched the surface on the various opportunities there are after high school. What matters most is that you choose something that you are passionate about which allows you to achieve your life goals.

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