Why Learning About Electricity Is Important

You may think that school lessons have no real-world applications, but have you ever thought about electricity? We use it to do almost everything, from surfing the internet to talking with our friends. Instead of dismissing these critical lessons about this elemental force, try paying attention to how it applies to you. Here is why learning about electricity is important.

Why Learning About Electricity Is Important

Learn About Electrical Safety

Most science teachers require students to pass a lab test before participating in lab experiments. These tests often contain questions about electrical safety. Electricity is dangerous when misused or accessed without proper tools. For example, if you didn’t have a rubber conductor coating your phone charger, you’d likely get shocked every time you plugged it in.

Understand What Drives Our World

Electricity drives our world. Everything from transportation to communication needs the help of moving electrons. Without electricity, you couldn’t microwave your lunch, play your favorite video game, or use social media. If you really think about it, we need electricity to use technology to get onto the internet. If no one had electricity, the internet would be useless, and we couldn’t access all the information on it.

Encourages STEM Careers

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. These subjects may be a challenge for you now, but they could turn into a career later in life. When you learn about electricity, you could start your journey into construction or astrophysics. Electricians wire everything, from your home to NASA rockets. If you think a STEM career is in your future, you should learn all you can about electricity. Check out things like dielectric strength, the power grid, and sustainable energy.

The next time you wonder why learning about electricity is important, remember that these classes equip you to better understand the world you live in. If you ever want to know more about electricity, you should ask your teacher for more resources or talk with an electrician to learn about their day-to-day work.

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