4 Tips for Passing Your Behind-the-Wheel Driving Test

Getting a driver’s license is one of the most crucial milestones in any teen’s life. It’s your ticket to independence and, as such, essential to making it through the next several steps of life. However, for most teenagers, this process can be both challenging and nerve-wracking—making it seem further out of reach than it really is. If you’re on the cusp of taking your own driver’s test, you might feel you need all the advice you can get to pass. Use these tips for passing your behind-the-wheel driving test, and enter the fast lane to newfound freedom.

4 Tips for Passing Your Behind-the-Wheel Driving Test

Brush up on Your Basic Knowledge

While you might think you’re done with all the technical information once you ace your written exam, this basic knowledge is even more important to have in the driver’s seat. Various fundamental driving elements, from the traffic sign shapes and their meanings to the different types of road markings, make it possible to drive safely. As such, if you’re going to tackle your behind-the-wheel test, you want to ensure that you commit these fundamental rules of the road to memory.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Spend the days leading up to your test practicing. No one has ever become a better driver by sitting in the passenger’s seat and letting their parents drive. Therefore, it’s up to you to put in the hours it takes to become more comfortable with the task. Since you have no way of knowing where the test route will take you, make sure that you cover all the essential skills like backing up, changing lanes, turning, and coming to a full stop. It’s the best way to ensure you’re ready for anything.

Take Note of the Car’s Blind Spots

Another crucial tip for passing your behind-the-wheel driving test is to get familiar with your car’s blind spots. During your exam, the administrator will check to make sure you look in your mirrors and are aware of what’s going on around you. This is to determine your level of focus and readiness to respond to potential hazards. Your blind spots can be a challenge during this time because, as the name implies, you can’t see clearly in these areas around your car. As such, you’ll need to know when to look over your shoulder and how to assess these sections of the road.

Keep Yourself Calm While Driving

Even if you’ve done all of the above, you can still end up flunking if you can’t remain calm enough to drive. Anxiety is the number one reason that skilled teen drivers still can’t pass their driver’s tests. It prevents our minds from thinking clearly and, therefore, from making good decisions. So before you even sit down in the car, take time to practice some breathing exercises and calm your nerves. You’ll marvel at how big of a difference it makes.

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