How To Stop Hoarding (Clothes, Shoes etc.)

So, you have a clutter of things that you can’t quite let go of.

You may think you need all the “beloved” stuff you have, when in reality you haven’t used or touched most of them in years.

Follow my wonderful guide for How to Stop Hoarding and part ways with all your useless clothes, shoes, and knickknacks.

Trust me, you’ll feel better in the end.

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Step 1. Empty your entire closet and drawers.

I really mean going through every piece of clothing, shoes, accessories, handbags, backpacks, box and pretty much anything else you own. Don’t just browse through them quickly — actually lay it all out on your bed or on the floor so you can see everything you have.

Have a couple of trash bags ready to throw away the first stage of junk you will discover here.

Step 2. Try your clothes and shoes on.

This might be a hard part for you because you may try something on and find ways to convince yourself that you NEED it and you will wear it later!

If you know you’re not going to wear it, or you haven’t worn it since last year, toss it or donate it.

If a pair of shoes barely fits or you have doubts on the style (because your taste in fashion changes over time) then get rid of it.

Step 3. Be honest with yourself!

The problem with most hoarders is that they attach themselves to an object because they believe they will need it later or there is sentimental value in it. If it’s something super valuable to you like a necklace from your mother, of course don’t get rid of it if it means a lot to you.

When I say be honest, I really want you to think about whether or not you need something. If you haven’t worn or used it in the last six months to a year, you most likely won’t ever use it. If it is something you will never wear but you just want to keep holding on to it because it’s “pretty” or it was your prom dress — just preserve the item through pictures and let go of the item itself.

Just because you have space for it, doesn’t mean you need to keep it. If it’s torn and you said you’d fix it months ago and you still haven’t gotten to it yet, that is a sign to consider letting it go.

Step 4. Take your time.

If need be, make peace with your things and let them go…slowly. Everyone’s different when it comes to being able to get rid of many of things all at once in only one day versus slowly making their way through their entire house to get rid of things.

Give yourself a couple days or a week if you must. You know the history or memory attached to all your things and it can be hard to let go. Remember to think about the bigger picture – you don’t want to be a hoarder and find yourself belonging on the show “Hoarders” on A&E.

Step 5. Donate or have a garage sale.

If you have no use for something but you don’t want it to be tossed out, consider donating it. Someone will be happy to have your stuff and you’ll feel good about it. If you want to make some extra cash, gather your things and have a garage sale. If you have good quality stuff, you can even sell it on eBay or Amazon!

The object of the game here is to get rid of things and to stop hoarding, so if you can turn the experience into a positive (like money), it’s only that much better.

Step 6. Stay on top of your hoarding – Break the habit!

This is the final and most important step after completing the above. Give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve decided to open your mind to letting go of your things. It’s easy to fall back into hoarding.

Use self-discipline (you can do it!) to avoid the habit of filling up your closet and drawers all over again. If you absolutely have to buy more clothes, try to get rid of your old ones at the same time. Buy a new shirt, get rid of another.

Stay on top of your hoarding! Live happily and freely knowing that you are going to have a clutter free life and more space to enjoy in your room and home.

The above post provided by Kristen Marquez–follow her on Instagram at @lexikris or @kristeniseating

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