Activities That Can Help Build Confidence in Yourself

Oftentimes the only person holding you back is you. Building your self-confidence is something that will make a big difference in your overall happiness, and impact your future for the better. Whatever your insecurities, most people find that accomplishing goals that push them towards self-betterment is a great way to grow confidence in themselves.

Prepare for an Athletic Event

Preparing for an athletic event is a great way to challenge yourself and simultaneously build confidence in yourself, so look for an event you’re interested in. Don’t pick something too challenging straight off the bat, of course, and make sure you have a training plan. If you’re running a half marathon for the first time, for instance, sign up well enough in advance to ensure that you have a couple months to work up to running 13.1 miles. If you’re considering a Spartan race, make sure you practice running through different obstacles and doing other physically demanding tasks like climbing things. Whatever you choose, as you practice and prepare and then accomplish, you’ll feel pride in your ability to do something hard.

Self-Defense Classes

Additionally, self-defense classes are another way you can gain more self-confidence in yourself. As you take self-defense courses, you’ll be able to learn skills to safely navigate a variety of dangerous situations. Having this kind of confidence in yourself is unique and will give you a lot more peace of mind day-to-day. As you think about the right self-defense class to enroll in, consider a type of martial arts. There are many benefits to learning kenpo karate, for instance. This form of karate takes traditional moves but evolves them with street-fighting tactics and some logic, to make for a great education to keep yourself safe. And the better you can handle any situation, the more you will believe in yourself.

Get Involved in Service

Another key activity that can help you build your self-confidence is getting involved in community service opportunities. While it may initially sound cliché, being immersed in activities that allow you to serve and help others who truly need help allows you to see yourself as capable. Even more than that, as you serve others, you will start to forget about your insecurities because you will instead be channeling your energy towards helping these individuals who you are growing to love.

As you work to improve your self-confidence, remember to show yourself compassion. Treat yourself like you would a friend. As you start to see yourself with compassion, you will feel more confident in who you are and less self-conscious about your weaknesses.

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