Growing Up: How to Deal with Your Self-Image Issues

You have probably heard adults telling you that life gets better when you are not a teenager anymore. While you should still find joy in your teenage years, your life does get better as you get older. The trick is to learn how to overcome your insecurities.

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Stop Comparing Yourself

At your age, everyone handles change differently. Some look like they are happy because they seem to have it all. Some get all the attention because they were able to fit into and afford a new outfit. However, according to PGSG, comparison and jealousy will get you nowhere. Oftentimes, you will compare your worst to someone else’s best. This kind of thinking is damaging to you because you are setting yourself up for failure if those in your life do not know how to help you. In the same way that you are jealous of others around you, they are most likely jealous of you too.  

Seek Treatments

One of the best advantages of living in this time is the access to help for different medical or physical problems and even substance abuse problems. If you are insecure about your acne, you can speak to a dermatologist about your concerns, and they will prescribe acne medication. You might have to test out different treatments until you find what works. Similarly, if you are insecure about your teeth, you can also look into getting braces to help straighten them out and improve your smile. According to Stellar Family Orthodontics, different options for braces are less visible and more comfortable, which makes the process much better for everyone. Overall, different kinds of treatments are great solutions that can last for a while and help boost your self-esteem.


The practice of saying self-affirmations has become popular again thanks to social media. According to Your Life Your Voice, saying positive statements about yourself helps you come to believe what you are saying to yourself. You can make a list of things that you like about yourself and start from there, repeating them every morning. Then you can follow that up by taking note of the things you do not like about yourself and look for a positive spin on them. After that, you can keep repeating these statements until you believe that they are true.

Although school, friends, and life can be stressful during your teenage years, you have the power to turn your circumstances around. All you need to do is believe that things will get better and that you are deserving of it. Change your outlook today by focusing on your strengths.

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