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Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Mom This Holiday Season

Your mom deserves the best Christmas gift for all she does year-round, but what if your budget can’t match the extravagant gifts you have in mind? Thankfully, there are plenty of inexpensive gift ideas for mom this holiday season that she’ll find just as thoughtful.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Mom This Holiday Season

An At-Home Spa Basket

A trip to the spa is often costly, but you can replicate some offerings easily at home. Consider getting a few of these items for an at-home spa day:

  • Bubble bath or bath oils
  • Gel nail polish and manicure tools
  • Body scrubs and lotions
  • A cleansing or moisturizing face mask

Take this gift a step further and plan a whole spa day for mom. Offer to watch your siblings while she enjoys a quiet soak with her new bath oils, and read up on applying gel manicures for beginners to give your mom an at-home manicure that looks and feels professional.

An Infuser Water Bottle

Is your mom passionate about healthy and sustainable living? If so, she’ll appreciate a new reusable water bottle, especially one she can infuse with her favorite fruits. With her sustainable infuser bottle, she’ll be able to steer clear of unhealthy flavored drinks without feeling like she’s missing out on flavor.

New Kitchen Gadgets

If your mom is the chef of the family, you can’t go wrong with some new kitchen gadgets. Kitchen tools like an avocado slicer or peeling and coring tools will make her cooking routine more efficient. Even a few decorative dishtowels or oven mitts can add a little joy to her time in the kitchen.

Personalized Jewelry

Online shops like Etsy make it easy to find inexpensive jewelry that you can customize exactly how your mom would want it. Get her a necklace with her children’s initials or a bracelet that features an engraving of your handwriting. Jewelry is a useful accessory you mom will get plenty of use out of, and the personalization will much it even more special.

Frame a Family Photo

Pick out a picture that perfectly describes your family and a frame that will match your home’s décor. Consider writing a note on the back of the photo, as well, explaining why you chose it. Your mom will love all the thought that you put into the gift, and she can display it in your home year-round.

Consider a few of these inexpensive gift ideas for mom this holiday season to spoil her without having to drain your savings.

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