Minelab Go 66 provides affordable treasure-hunting

Ever dream of finding a stash of gold and silver coins buried in a field somewhere? Or how about jewelry long lost by park or beach-goers in days gone by? Well, the Minelab Go-Find 66 is an excellent entry-level metal detector to get you started. It is affordable enough for most hobbyists yet packs a powerful feature set.

Minelab has over 35 years’ experience building hand-held metal detection technology and feature a wide selection encompassing both beginner and high-end units. The Go-Find 66 is a balance between low price and advanced features, combined with portability thanks to its folding design. With it, you can detect metal in all kinds of terrain including iron-rich soil, water and snow.

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The unit features a light up screen approx. 1.5 x 2.5 inches that guides you during your search. When you pass the unit over a metal find, 4 icons distinguish between junk such as nails or scrap from rings or coins (although it’s not 100% accurate of course).

The unit also beeps when it detects something promising and comes with a pair of Koss earphones so you can search without bothering others nearby.

So how does it work? Once set up, simply wave the search coil (it’s around 10 inches long) around promising areas, a few inches from the ground. When you pass over something metallic, it will beep and also flash one of the indicators with a best guess as to what it is, and the depth level (1 to 3). Depending on the sensitivity setting you select it can detect objects to about 10 inches deep, depending on its size and the type of soil it is in.

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There is a pinpoint mode which narrows down the area where the object could be. It is not quite as accurate as the pinpoint tools you can find on Amazon for about $20, but it does help. Once pinpointed, use the included dig tool to scrape away the soil or sand and find your prize (or tin foil, haha).

When we tried it in an inconspicuous public place, we had to go back and forth between digging and using the detector for about 6 minutes to finally pull out our first object—a piece of scrap metal about 4-5 inches deep! Well, at least we know it works!

CONS: As far as ruggedness, the unit is made of plastic so might not withstand the most rigorous environments, but for casual detecting its fine. Also, it would be nice if the unit featured a rechargeable battery rather than use 4 AAs.

Looking forward to exploring more with this tool. If we find any hidden gold, you’ll be the first to know!

: )

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What’s in the boxdetector; digging tool; manual and decals, earbuds, phone holder

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To learn more Minelab and which detectors are best for you, visit Minelab.com and follow on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Runs on 4 AA batteries (not included). Mfrs. 2-year limited warranty. Weight: 2.36 lbs.
Manufacturer model #: 3231-0015.

  • 4 find icons with nail, foil, ring, coin, and treasure view LEDs
  • 1.42″H x 2.36″W LCD screen
  • Pinpoint with audio and visual indicators
  • 3-level depth readout and automatic tracking ground balance
  • 5 adjustable sensitivity levels fine tune readings
  • VFlex technology to reduce distortion
  • Enhances target identification accuracy
  • 4 detection modes let you focus on specific finds
  • Adjustable shaft extends to fit a wide range of users
  • Visible and audible low-battery indicators
  • 10″ monoloop search coil
  • 7.8kHz frequency
  • Metal-free digging tool
  • Exclusive Minelab earbuds by Koss
  • Waterproof phone holder for using the free app
  • The entire detector collapses and conveniently folds to fit into luggage or backpacks.
  • GO-FIND APP: The GO-FIND 66 provides Pro App access to the GO-FIND smartphone app. This unlocks options for instant identification of common coins, provides the ability to record finds on Google Maps, enables customization of detector tones and much more.
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If you are ready to move up, check out Minelab’s newest offering, the higher-end VANQUISH series:

“Offers uncompromising performance—and it won’t break the bank. Simple yet powerful, it’s perfect for anyone starting out or stepping up their detecting game. With ground-breaking Multi-IQ technology, multiple Find Modes, lightweight collapsible design, and much more, this is the detector you’ve been waiting for to take hunting to the next level. The revolutionary Multi-IQ technology has the combined power of multiple detectors in one — all working for you at the same time. Simply turn on and go. Nothing goes undiscovered and no terrain is off limits. Silver, gold or jewelry. Park, field or beach. All metals. All soils. All the time.”

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