TWK New Music Blast Debut

TWK New Music Blastoff Week 1
TWK New Music Blastoff Week 1

Check out this week’s new additions to Teens Wanna Know Radio’s Rotation, something we like to call the New Music BLAST OFF! These are all talented, up-and-coming artists, and you are listening to them here FIRST.

This Week’s Tracks:

Billy The Kid & Le’ Le’ – SWURQ!

Caleb – More Time, Falling Over You, We Run

Laci Kay – Jar of Hearts (Cover)

Sofia Sanabria – When I Look At You (Cover)

Zachary Mitchell – And You Know It, Aye Baby

There are several ways to listen to our radio.

  1. Use this player. You can pop this player out and leave it as a floating window while you browse the rest of our site:
  2. You can also visit this website here which works on iPads and iPhones, as well as Android devices.
  3. Or, you can enter the following link into iTunes or favorite streaming music player (VLC, Windows Media, etc.):
  4. Finally, you can also install the Radionomy app on your mobile device and search for “Teens Wanna Know”

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