The Different Types of Rigging Jobs You Can Do

With the over seven million construction jobs across the nation, there is an opportunity like no other for you to get a position and have job security. With college being a hot debate, now more than ever, weighing postgrad options is a top priority. Here’s a brief look at the different types of rigging jobs you can do and some of the requirements to get into this kind of trade.

The Different Types of Rigging Jobs You Can Do

An Overview of Becoming a Rigger

The steps to becoming a rigger are relatively simple. After completing your high school education, you can begin looking for entry-level positions. You will also need to take a rigging training course if a specific employer does not provide one. Generally speaking, the entry-level position comes with all the education necessary for the job and its functions.

Areas of Specialty

Now, let’s talk jobs! You can choose a few areas of specialty specifically for the trade. Base this decision on personal interest, skill level, safety risks, and overall job quality. Through training and the entry-level positions, you will find one specific focus area that interests you the most. But a few examples of things you can choose include:

Upon entering the field and obtaining a specific position of interest, you can use that platform to refine your job duties in the trade further.

Job Responsibilities

While each job will come with its own set of responsibilities, there are a few common duties you will acquire through training and entry-level work. Each task or responsibility plays an integral role in the job’s performance and the team’s safety. Some of these items include:

  • Leveling heavy machinery
  • Inspecting the rig before final use
  • Maintaining all rigging equipment
  • Ensuring compliance with all safety procedures
  • Inspecting loads that need relocating
  • Communicating with the construction team

When it comes to the different types of rigging jobs you can do, it’s essential to understand how to get there. The industry is one big umbrella for various specialties. Once you’re through the door, the possibilities are endless.

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