What’s In? Top Necklace Styles and Trends for Spring 2022

As the days grow warmer and the flowers begin to bloom, your wardrobe can begin to change with the seasons. This spring, certain styles of necklaces might make a huge splash in the fashion world. Read on to discover the top necklace styles and trends for spring 2022 and give your wardrobe a newfound sense of style.

What's In? Top Necklace Styles and Trends for Spring 2022

Oversized Chain Necklace

While many think of a chain necklace as a simple, slender rope, this style is gaining popularity with its bolder characteristics. Instead of a thin, delicate line, an oversized chain necklace allows you to make a statement with thick links and larger-than-life designs. These necklaces are comfortable, cute, and stylish!

Different types of chain necklaces suit different looks. For example, a franco chain is a sleek option that still shows off texture, making it a great addition to casual wear. If you’re looking to emulate the pop grunge aesthetic, consider layering various chain types instead of just one.

Flower Chain

Possibly the most popular design on this list, a flower chain is a collection of tiny flowers that dangles from a thin line. These necklaces are graceful and stunning, making them highly desirable for those who love that springtime look. As one of the top necklace styles and trends for spring 2022, flower chains may appear on the necklines of some of the most fashionable celebs this year. If you’re looking for a place to purchase a flower chain necklace, Jewlr has a beautiful selection to choose from.

Dainty Ribbon Necklace

Although people don’t always associate ribbon necklaces with spring and summer, they’re becoming more popular as a necklace style that is both fresh and lightweight. These delicate necklaces allow you to add a touch of classiness to your outfit while remaining fun and playful. They come in many distinct colors, including pastels, bright hues, and bold primary shades.

Tassel Necklace

If you’re looking for a DIY fashion project for the spring, consider creating your own trendy tassel necklace. With these necklaces, you can wear any basic outfit with chic flair! These necklaces are versatile; you can wear them alone or pair them with other necklaces for a completely fresh look.

Charm Necklace

Charm necklaces are iconic for their personalization potential and eye-catching features. Use metal, acrylic, or even wooden charms to show off everything you love. One advantage of the charm necklace to keep in mind is that as your interests change, this accessory can change with you.

Chain Choker

Over the years, choker necklaces have had an interesting design evolution, but they’re undoubtedly here to stay. These necklaces are perfect for adding some edge to your look while staying trendy and modern.

Are you ready to update your wardrobe? You can evolve your fashion game with the top necklace styles and trends for spring 2022. Whether you choose to buy a new accessory or craft one yourself, there are plenty of trends to look to for inspiration this season.

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